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Black History Month is a time when people across the United States and Canada reflect on the different ways in which people of African descent have affected our culture and our world in big and small ways.

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Black History Month began as an effort to recognize the many contributions of Africans and black Americans to the economic and social development of the U.S.A., a place where many Africans were brought as slaves, kept in bondage, and denied basic civil rights. It’s a place where, still today, experiences of racism are pervasive. Nevertheless, the contributions of Africans/black Americans to this is a matter of truth-telling. The U.S. history that is often taught in our schools is very white. The history of black people in America rarely goes beyond slavery, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks. Black History Month is an invitation and an opportunity to dig deeper into U.S. history and the accomplishments of African Americans.

Black History Month it is about representation. Almost 13% of the U.S. population is African American, and 70 metropolitan areas have black populations over 30%.
I identify as a black woman. Black history is my history.

This month also causes me to acknowledge a past that has yet to be reconciled. I am challenged by the statement,  “If you’re not addressing the racism I’m experiencing here, then celebrating diversity is not for all people.”  It’s a statement that provokes me daily to grapple with the uncomfortable truth that celebrating diversity while ignoring ongoing racism in the U.S. and Canada is a sham. Mere celebrations are not solving deep, ongoing, systemic problems.

My challenge to you read, Google Black History Month to learn one new fact about the African American Community. 
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“I don’t know how, but I know WHO!

Peace, Pastor Nelda

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