The Bouy

The confusion was that I momentarily thought they were my anchor. Only with time did I realize no, they are a buoy. A marker that cautions me I had gone too far.
A much-needed reminder to rein it in and be more true to myself and where I belong. No one enjoys looking around to see themselves out of their depths, but the markers that have the power to bring you back are invaluable.
Admittedly, I am fully aware that I am no different than an inanimate object to this person. I am nothing to this Individual. The person, however, became my hope. My reason to keep afloat and to stay steady on course.
Funny how we can be impacted by one another and yet never have the right words to explain. I looked outwardly with a thousand-mile stare and yet they could see me. They let me float, but not entirely away. “Hope floats,” as they say.
No, they are not my anchor, but sometimes when you are caught in the never-ending abyss; a caution sign can be the difference between returning, versus becoming shark meat.
I may never find the right words or actions to express my appreciation for that buoy, but impenetrably it’s there for those willing to open their eyes and travel back to where they belong.