The Time Is Now


The Time is Now

The subject matter of love is a contradiction in and of itself. Where there is no being wrong there is also no definitive right. Poppy cock topic that the further you journey the more questions you’ll have.

I am not a master of love but I have failed more times than the beginner has tried. Here’s what I have begrudgingly concluded about love. The most important factor is time. Truly understanding that reality is based in the time of now. The past is too often used as a measure to justify and the future is only determined by the decisions of the now.

If you are debating whether you are in love or not, simply ask yourself this one question: If these were my last ten minutes on earth what would I want to be doing? Those who are willing to answer this simple question and accept the responsibility to pursue that desire possess love.

It’s in this small truth that one will find their time as having value and all the other trivial details of what was or what could be fade into the uncertainty not worthy of wasting the most precious commodity of all: time.

With true intentions to live in the moment and embrace the certainty of now, one will look back with a deeper acceptance of their pursuits and find that regrets morph into memories. If you had only ten minutes left, what would you want to be doing?