“Oh, okay. I just thought you said something that struck me as odd. But I guess not.” She replied as she repositioned herself in the wicker porch chair.

The man had slyly recanted calling her a vulgar word by simply playing off that she had misheard him. She, however, heard the words as clearly as a still Caribbean water.

The man is undoubtedly handsome with sky-blue eyes and a devilish smirk that could stop traffic, but he is dangerously too aware of his desirable appearance. He knows exactly how to manipulate his boyish charm to his advantage and never misses an opportunity to get the upper hand when interacting with women.

The woman, although attractive to those that are drawn to the girl next door, is riddled with low self esteem. The lack of confidence oozes from her pores and no matter how far into the woods she travels she continues to find the same tree monsters of a man.

The type that pulls every trick out of the bag right from the start, because they have no intentions of committing longer than the duration of an internship. With every repeated flop the woman becomes less secure.

As her confidence is slowly whittled away by the emotionally unavailable men who only have intentions to fill their time and add to their body count; somewhere hiding in the shadows, is a real man who would value every finite detail of her. He’s probably not hiding, but busy focusing on the basic things that life requires to be happy.

How can we truly know when it’s just time to get up and walk away? How is someone supposed to have the confidence to believe that there’s better around the corner? The answer is simple but, reasonably difficult for most to accept. Because moving on is generally seen as time wasted and there’s also that horrible nagging fear of missing out on something that could potentially get better.

Here’s the catch though, trust me when I say this, it won’t get better. If the person won’t acknowledge the issue then there’s no repair or recovery to be had, meaning they are more likely to become even worse. The exact moment that you feel disrespected (this is in any single way that you would not be able to tolerate) and you attempt to confront the issue, but it’s denied to exist or be a problem; that’s the perfect time one must cut the line, sacrifice the lure and move on to better waters.

Keep casting, but don’t stay in the same tiny unpromising pond. Unless you are into being insane and if insanity fits with your personal brand then keep repeating yourself and expecting different results. After all, the point is to be happy and happiness isn’t a one-size-fits-all commodity. My preference is to fetch from a well that hasn’t run dry.