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Deanna's Art

Why Community Matters

What is community? By definition, it is a group of people coming together over shared values and ideas. Lately, in our society that seems to be harder and harder to find. In an effort to be our true selves and explore our own beliefs,...

Counselor Susan's Couch

Suicide Prevention Week in the K.I.S.D. Intended to Raise Awareness, Spark Conversation

The week of September 6th through September 9th is being recognized and promoted as Suicide Prevention Week throughout the K.I.S.D. and students were encouraged to wear varying outfits and apparel items to align with themed days, all designed to raise awareness, prompt conversation, and...

COVID-19 vs. the Big 4 (what will actually kill you) Part 1

COVID-19 vs. the Big 4 (what will actually kill you) Part 1 By Guest Writer: Jonathan Royston   We opened our gym, Dissent Athletics, on February 7th of 2020. About six weeks later, our gym, Kennedale, and the entire Nation shut down due to the COVID-19 virus. We...

The New Year and Resolutions

Welcome to the new year 2022! I pray and hope this new year goes well for everyone. May the Lord crown this year with His goodness for us, and may our carts overflow with abundance of blessings (Psalm 65:11). As another year begins , we have...

Five Ways to Cope with COVID Confinement

About 7 weeks ago our world changed. Life as we know it stopped. Schools closed. Restaurants closed. Bars closed. Gyms closed. The term “social distancing” became in vogue. Walking into a retail establishment with a mask on went from suspicious to requested. Diagnoses, prognoses,...

Movie Critic

The Best (in Film) for 2020… and the Worst

While I wish that I could say the past year will be best-remembered for all of the wonderful movies I had the pleasure of seeing, the truth is simply this: most were either average or barely above average, in my opinion, and one was...

Rhonda's Local Real Estate

Show Me the Real Estate Blog

So.....Real Estate. Well. The new year has finally come upon us, and so far it doesn’t seem any less weird than 2020. So what does that mean for your most expensive investment? What does it mean if you're looking to buy your most expensive investment?...

Market priced senior housing designed around “pocket neighborhoods” coming to Kennedale

At the last Kennedale City Council held on September 17, the Council approved a new housing development for 439 Mansfield Cardinal between the Brookstone Estates and the Oakcrest Apartments and down from the Burger Box. Full agenda available @ The "Cardinal Addition" will be designed...

Keeping Kennedale up to date in Real Estate

Real Estate is always such an interesting source of conversation, because it is of interest to just about everyone, whether you are buying, selling or investing. Our market here in Kennedale is a strong one, and as residents, you can be proud to call Kennedale home in a town that strives hard to make this a great place to live. In a new Gallup survey, only 21% of Americans think stocks or mutual funds are the best long-term investments; Real Estate came in as the most favored long-term investment, a position it has held since 2013.