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Real Estate is always such an interesting source of conversation, because it is of interest to just about everyone, whether you are buying, selling or investing.  Our market here in Kennedale is a strong one, and as residents, you can be proud to call Kennedale home in a town that strives hard to make this a great place to live.  In a new Gallup survey, only 21% of Americans think stocks or mutual funds are the best long-term investments; Real Estate came in as the most favored long-term investment, a position it has held since 2013.

              In the Kennedale zip code of 76060, within the past 3 months, ( keep in mind this is Feb, March, and April) 24 homes have sold in Kennedale, with 19 of those selling for an average price of $350,000.  Currently, Kennedale has 16 homes actively for sale, with 2 listed for less than $200,000 and 2 for over $800,000, leaving 12 of the Kennedale homes currently available for an average list price of $360,000.  With this range for home sales, you can see Kennedale attracts prominent, hard-working families.  In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic I was reminded that in this century, Americans have experienced 3 economic low points: the dot-com crash, 9/11, and the 2008 financial crisis.  In EVERY case, the economy bounced back and hard-working people wound up on top.  So, I do believe economically, as well as with Real Estate, we are headed for an Economic Rebound.  Real Estate this past month has actually been a busy one for me and for many agents that I know.  Last week I had a Real Estate photographer out taking pictures of a new listing of mine, and he stated to me that this current April, was his busiest month yet in all of his multiple years of being a Real Estate photographer.  This April!!  This Corona Virus April!!  A national online listing site reported that Real Estate traffic plunged in the First weeks of the Coronavirus shutdown, but has since bounced back, indicating more home buyers and sellers might be ready to enter the market.

              Mortgage Rates are still near historic lows, with many loans being available for those with a minimum credit score of 640.  For those with a high credit score, VA loans are coming in at an interest rate of 3% , for FHA and Conventional on a 30 year fixed loan they are running around 3.125%.  So with that said, do not fear selling or buying at this time.  It is a good time to do either.  Feel free to email me if you should have Real Estate questions I can help you with at [email protected].

Keeping the Citizens of Kennedale up to date in Real Estate!

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