Suicide Prevention Week in the K.I.S.D. Intended to Raise Awareness, Spark Conversation

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The week of September 6th through September 9th is being recognized and promoted as Suicide Prevention Week throughout the K.I.S.D. and students were encouraged to wear varying outfits and apparel items to align with themed days, all designed to raise awareness, prompt conversation, and prevent suicide. Propelled by the message that ‘Your Future is Bright,’ students have been given the opportunity to showcase their creativity while recognizing their own self-worth. On Tuesday, September 6th, students were encouraged to wear the color red, to promote the importance of asking for help when life seems overwhelming. On Wednesday, September 7th, students wore neon colors or college apparel. Thursday, September 8th promoted the value of teamwork, and students were asked to wear items associated with their respective favorite teams. Finally, on Friday, September 9th, students dressed as their favorite superheroes. In all, the Kennedale Independent School District is taking a proactive role in aligning with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, celebrated nationally this year during the week of September 4th through the 10th in order to make strides to save lives, and to bring hope to those impacted by suicide in some way. You can learn more information about this week by visiting the web page of the AFSP here. Thank you for your continued support of the Kennedale Independent School District.

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