Let’s play catch up!!! Junior high is over, just like that. The class of 2025 is getting that first bittersweet taste of highschool. On a side note, exams and STAAR tests are over! But for a while there I was starting to think it was fate telling us not to participate in taking them, for one, COVID stopped it all together in 2020. Two, someone hacked into the seventh graders STAAR test, causing it to be postponed state wide. Lastly, the fire alarm went off, everyone had expected it to have been a student, but coincidentally, our school had a leak causing the fire alarm to go off on a testing day. I’m just saying…

To end the year, Kennedale went off with a bang initiating about 100 kids into the National Junior Honors Society. I have included a list below but please note that there may be others that I was unable to include. I can edit so if I missed someone drop me a note!

Christian Aguilar 

Onyinyeolisa Akpom

Carlynne Alfred 

Dominique Baker 

Seth Barriga

Sebastian Berlanga Fernandez,

Christian Bernal 

Keyona Blaylock 

Izellah Blevins 

Alexandria Burris 

Andrea Carter 

Jesse Chima 

Taylor Cowling 

Natalie Cutshall 

Megan Dembroski 

Makenzie Derrington

Minh Tam Do 

Deja Endsley 

Nathaniel Fanning 

Kate Farrish 

Jordan Flores 

Johnathan Frausto ,

Glen Gonzalez

Mia Hall 

Yasmine Hamad 

Zachary Hartsel 

Aubrey Haub 

Kaleeb Hervey 

Tyler Heutzenroeder 

Abdiraheem Ibrahim 

Jeremy Irwin 

Kenzie Jackson 

Walker Jackson 

Samuel Johnson 

Isabella Krieger 

Da’Nee London 

Merari Madero Marquez 

Sofia Mariscal 

William McBroom 

Sebastian Morales 

Valencia Munoz

Luong Ngo 

Rachel Omorogbe 

Noah Padgett 

Rachel Rodriguez 

Dennis Ruiz 

Munib Said 

Jackson Sellers 

Sophia Stalker 

Jackson Stingley

Noah Stoehr 

Macarthur Toren 

Braedyn Trickey

Branden Turner 

Tinley Wease 

Melanie Williams 

Skylar Applewhite

Lisa Arden 

Jalal Asmaty 

Autumn Brown 

Eden Burleson 

Madison Chau 

Adrian Colon 

Ethan Daniels 

Briley Duran 

Bransen Enckhausen 

McKenzie Fields 

Emily Flores Castaneda

Nicholas Garza Mariyah Gilbert 

Rylie Goff 

Jacob Golden 

Carolina Gomez 

Kaya Gregg 

James Hannon 

JaMya Harris 

Lily Hoyt

Sarah Issa 

Brooke Itana

Eric Louro 

Nehemaih Mithika 

Janiece Moore 

Kathryn Morrison

Thi Pho 

Ashlyn Riley 

Kaylyn Riley 

Autumn Rolader

Anna Shonkwiler 

Haedyn Smith 

Max Smith 

Robert Soncrant 

Daniella Soto-Castillo

Emmy Strange

Chloe Tran

Mi Tran 

Tranessa Tran 

Hanna White 

Jamie White 

Lauren Wills 

Elliana Zamora 

Gabrielle Zamora

As you can see, Kennedale, the home to the Wildcats, does a great job educating their students and preparing them for great success later in life. A particular individual I would like to mention is my dearest friend, Isabella Hughes, she actively demonstrates all the qualities of a Wildcat, and for that she got the “Wildcat of The Year Award”.

To circle back to the topic of high school, August 12, 2021 was the first day of high school for the class of 2025! Students were feeling many different emotions: Anxiousness, fear, excitement, and sadness about summer being over. The transition between junior high and high school is often a rough time for freshmen! To use myself as an example, I was taking “normal” classes with “normal” electives in junior high, now being in high school, I am taking “Principles of Business and Industry.” (along with a ton of other things.) Does that not sound “adulty,” to you? 

Now to talk about the juicy stuff. What’s the mask dilemma? Well on August, 30th KISD required all students to wear a mask, despite the Governors mandate. Because of that, parents on facebook groups such as “Kennedale Moms Talk” got organized into “for mask” and “against”. Meanwhile the principals are reporting to parents that we “no longer are required” to wear them but are still “highly encouraged” to do so. An official announcement has yet to be made stating that masks are “encouraged” rather than “required”. In fact, the covid notification emails that were sent out this week, state that masks are “required”.

Welp, that’s it for today! Don’t forget this Friday at the PAC, and Saturday at the City Park, the KHS band will perform for the 9/11 memorial! 

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