KISD is Spending 19 Cents per Square Foot Less Than Schools in Same Weather Region

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Kennedale, TX (March 22, 2013) ? Energy costs are an enormous expense for our nation’s schools. In order to improve energy efficiency and learn ways to reduce district?s energy costs, Kennedale ISD participated in the Oncor Educational Facilities Program, a benchmarking study which analyzes the district?s current energy performance. The results of this energy assessment indicated that Kennedale ISD is performing above average in regards to energy consumption.

Based on the utility bills and building information Kennedale ISD provided, the Educational Facilities Program compared its energy use to other school facilities in Texas and the U.S. The benchmarking {{more}} process revealed that Kennedale ISD buildings are performing above average, meaning they are using less energy per square foot than the median. In particular, Kennedale ISD is spending 19 cents per square foot less than schools in the same weather region.
?We are thrilled with the positive results shown in the Oncor Educational Facilities Program study,? said Gary Dugger, Superintendent of schools. ?It is our hope to continue to reduce our district?s energy consumption and this study helped us to identify many ways in which to do so.?

In addition to joining the Educational Facilities Program sponsored by Oncor, Kennedale ISD has taken a number of steps to reduce the school district?s energy use:

? KISD has Energy Management systems in place to help control energy usage.

? KISD is in the process of retrofitting its existing lighting to more efficient equipment.

? KISD?s Energy Use Index (EUI) is below the median in comparison with other schools in the local region.

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