KPD Issue Update and New Plea for Eye-witness Accounts

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The Kennedale Police Department has announced that a Texas Ranger is now involved in the murder investigation and witnesses are still being sought along with any phone video shot at or around the time of the incident. Videos can be email anonymously. {{more}}
The following press release was sent out at approximately 4:30 p.m. today by Chief Williams.
  • On Tuesday, 01-13-2015, investigators for the Kennedale Police Department requested assistance from the Texas Rangers in continuing this investigation.
  • On Wednesday a Ranger was assigned to the case and has been working with investigators.
  • Several witnesses have been re-interviewed and the Lincoln Navigator has been taken to the DPS lab for processing. There still has been no usable information in regards to the identity of a suspect.
Investigators are requesting assistance from the public in two ways.
  • There may have been witnesses to this crime who were inadvertently asked to leave the area in the moments immediately following the incident. Responding officers were attempting to gain control of a very chaotic scene while preserving any potential evidence.
  • These potential witnesses may have been asked to leave without officers realizing that they had information relative to this case.
  • If you were one of those persons, and you feel that you have information that can assist the police in solving this crime, please contact the Kennedale Police Department. You are asked to contact the
    • Kennedale Police Department at 817.985.2160 and speak to
      • Sgt. Carlson at x. 2229,
      • Sgt. Charbonnet at x. 2223, or
      • Detective Dagnell at x. 2236.
    • Please leave a message if they are out and you will get a return phone call.
  • Information has been received that there were at least 15 to 20 people who were present at the time of the shooting. It is not uncommon for young people to film fight videos for posting to on-line sites. We believe that someone may have made a video of the events as they occurred, not realizing that a shooting would take place.
  • If you have a video of the shooting, please share it with investigators. You may do so anonymously through

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