Lady Kats Basketball continues march through district, 3-0

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Last week the Lady Kats played two district foes and came away with lopsided wins improving their District 6-3A record to 3-0.
On Tuesday night Kennedale (9-9) played Diamond Hill-Jarvis and won 93-9. Friday night Castleberry lost to the Kennedale 79-6. {{more}}
Welcome to the world of girls athletics. More so than boys athletics, girls programs in certain sports tend to be divided between the haves and the have nots with very little in-between. There are many strong girls programs around the state that consistently play at a high level but more that play hardly at all. Basketball is one of those sports with this great divide.
Kennedale plays in a district that exemplifies that divide. It is a weak basketball district. Kennedale ends up on the top end of a score like 79-6 more often than not. The opposing players may be playing the sport for the first time in a competitive situation. Often they begin playing in high school and play only during the season. Kennedale players have been playing for years often playing select teams in the spring, summer and fall.
There is no ?mercy? rule in basketball as there is in baseball or softball where the game is called after the score differential reaches a certain point. In these situations, coaches are faced with the prospect of telling the players not to play their best and try not to score. It is not unusual for the coaches agree to a running clock so the game ends quicker. In the Castleberry game, Kennedale scored only 5 in the 4th.

Friday night at Castleberry scoring for Kennedale was McKinley Bostad (Sr) 20, Sadie Mahnesmith (Sr) 18, Kathryn Mosely (Jr) 11, Jasmyn Poe (Jr) 11, Brenee Ellis (Sr) 8, Anna Llamas (So) 4 and Dajia Simmons (Fr) 4.

In last Tuesday?s match with Fort Worth Diamond Hill-Jarvis at home, top scorer for Kennedale was Mahnesmith with 25 followed by Poe 23, Bostad 21, Simmons 8, Ellis 7, Llamas 5 and Mosely 4.
Tonight Kennedale plays another district foe, Lake Worth. The game will be played at Lake Worth High School. Varsity plays at 6:30 p.m.

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