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The Kennedale Wildcats (24-12, 9-1) on Tuesday took the Wichita Hirschi Huskies (22-12, 7-2) to the woodshed and administered a whipping that was just as unexpected as it was thorough, winning 56-28. {{more:[read more]}}
the winner earned a trip to Lubbock …

This was a Region 1 basketball quarterfinal game that awarded the winner a “sweet sixteen” berth in the Region 1 playoffs in Lubbock this weekend. Click

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Darius Hammond third straight 20+ game (Photo Staci


For Kennedale this win was huge. This was a senior heavy team that had struggled this season. Unranked all season long, something that had not happened in 4 years, the Wildcats lost 6 of their first 7 games and finished December at 9-11. But, somewhere in late December or early January, the team on their own decided that things had to change. Head Coach Doug Groff?s version was that it was not him, that it was all on the team. Whatever happened, the Wildcats have gone 16-1 since January.
the difference was on full display Tuesday night …
By all accounts the game between Huskies and the Wildcats was one between near equals with similar style and records. They had even split games with each other with the Cats winning the first game by 14 and Hirschi winning the second by 11. But, that was then ?

Colton Otts seconds after

allie oops dunk (Photo Staci


Kennedale won this match up with defense, poise and smart play. Groff said immediately after the game, ?This was the best defense they have played all season.? Later, Groff called it the best complete game they have played.

a crowd pleasing allie-oops play …
While the game was close in the first half ending at 26-21, the momentum and the control of the game was being taken over by Kennedale the longer the two teams played. It was accented by a crowd pleasing “allie-oops” play just before half by Darius Hammond (Sr) to Colton Otts (Sr) to put the Cats up by 5. For Hirschi, the show was over.
The Huskies, taken out of their game by the smothering Cats defense, scored only 7 points in the second half and just 2 in the 3rd quarter. Typical of the Cats defense was a block shot by Wildcat Zach Tate (Sr) that sent the ball sailing backwards just as a Hirschi player was in mid-air shooting form. A frustrated Hirschi team, begin to foul more often while the Cats kept their poise, keeping up the pressure the rest of the game.
3 of 25 shots in 2nd for Huskies …
This was a defensive game. The Cats were 12 points under their regular season average of 68 points but the Huskies were 30 points under their average of 58 points. Kennedale finished at 48% from the field while the Huskies were shooting just at 21%. Hirschi made only 3 of 25 shots in the second half for a 12% average.

For Kennedale, Darius Hammond (Sr) finished with 20 points, his third straight game at 20+ points.{{t2:Brandon Conwright: }} (Sr) added another 15, Colton Otts (Sr) 11, {{t2:Quardriaz Wadley: }} (Sr) 5, {{t2:Uniikye Washington: }} (So) 3, and {{t2:Zach Tate: }} (Sr) 2.

Score by quarter Q1 K 11/9, Q2 K 15/12, Q3 K 18/2, Q4 K 12/5
The Wildcats return to region play in Lubbock after a one year absence. Kennedale will play Levelland (23-11, 7-3) a winner over Lamesa (25-8, 8-3) by a score of 72-56. Interestingly, Lamesa and Levelland are out of same district along with one other regional team this year, Lubbock Estacado (25-7, 8-2). Estacado will play Abilene Wylie (28-5, 8-0).
regional semifinal 7 p.m. Friday …
The Kennedale ? Levelland game will be played at 7:00 p.m. Friday and the Wylie- Estacado game will follow at 8:30 p.m. The region finals will be played on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. All games are being played at the Rip Griffin Center on the campus of Lubbock Christian University.

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