Unusual Times


Unusual Times

Events of the beginning years of this decade have been unusual.

What we have witnessed thus far are not actually unprecedented events because records show that they have happened before. However, they are unusual events because they are not common to us based on our varying experiences.

We have seen governmental and institutional failures as well as human character failures. Unfortunately, many families had neither electricity power nor water because of these failures. Many lives and properties were lost these past two years.

The effects of these events revealed how vulnerable we are to changes, and that we are imperfect beings living in an imperfect world.

The experiences of millions across the state of Texas in relation to the winter freeze weather that caused power outages and water shortages in some cities have shown the need for state government to act fast and avoid future disaster occurrences.

The state governor’s call for legislative inquiries into why electricity was not available to Texans when they most needed it shows that we have a problem we were not prepared for, and should why that problem must be fixed now. (As at the time of this message, state legislators have not begun their inquiries).

A comment made by Bill Magness, the outgoing CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) during a briefing on Thursday February 18th, 2021 shows that the state’s power system was near catastrophic collapse if they had not done what they did. His exact words were, “It was seconds and minutes [from possible failure] given the amount of generation that was coming off the system.” He stated that the worst-case scenario would have seen demand for power overwhelm the supply of power generation available on the grid, causing equipment to catch fire, substations to blow and power lines to go down. In addition, if these would have happened, it would have taken months to repair and the whole state would be in total darkness.

Have you ever imagined the possibility of a statewide blackout? How would many who have lived most of their lives with uninterrupted power supply cope, and for how long?

I must confess that despite my experiences growing up in a nation noted for many blackouts, I was very uncomfortable by the third day without electricity. I was not ready for this. It was a shocker!

These events equally posed challenges. They stimulated my mindset about certainty and uncertainties. The varying experiences, actions, reactions, and inactions compounded and framed my thought processes, and informed my judgement of the times we are. Thus, prompting the urgency and timeliness of today’s word to us.

I believe that God speaks to us through many forms. The happenings around us are no exception to the many forms that God can use to get our attention. What we have experienced in the past years until date is to prompt us to appreciate the privileges we have in readiness for the unusual times.

I hate to ask this but how can we consider things we do not usually want to think of? So, permit me to ask:

How prepared are you for storms?

•             How battle-ready are you for war?

•             Do you have enough oil in your lamp to keep watch during the storms?

•             Do you think you have enough strength in you to withstand the pressures of this time and age?

•             How much of resilience can you be to hold on, fight and overcome the temptation to give up?

•             How ready are you for the Lord’s return?

These questions are simply to stir us to consider the inevitable.

1.            Jesus Christ in Luke 21: 25 – 36 tells us about signs to watch out for before His return. These events will lead to His Second Coming. Some of these events are already happening. However, the question is if we are able to discern them, and ready for them.

2.            Jesus also taught in Matthew 25:1-13 about the ten virgins – five were wise because they were prepared for the longer-than-usual arrival of the bridegroom by having sufficient amount of oil to last them for the long wait. They were prepared and ready. Unfortunately, the other five did not have enough, and missed the bridegroom when he arrived because they ran out of oil to put in their lamps.

Undoubtedly, ERCOT did not prepare for the last storm freeze. If they did, it was not good enough and there will not be need for a legislative inquiry.

In like manner, many of us were not prepared for the blackout and the freezing cold nights. Neither did most people prepare for the water shortages, and broken pipes etc.

Reminiscing upon the events of this past year, I ponder on our readiness if Jesus returns now.

So, in these unusual times what can we do to do be ready? I

I am glad you asked if you did! 😊

Here are some tips:

1.            Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the bold step to being ready for eternity. Remember that being a believer does not immune us from the storms of life but secures us for eternity with God.

2.            Live a life that is worthy of being called a child of God. Love God, and love people. Maximize each moment of graceful opportunities. Daily confess your sins, and profess your faith.

3.            Be better equipped. Find a Bible believing and teaching church to deepen your relationship with Jesus through discipleship, and fellowship with other believers.

4.            Daily talk with God, and listen as He instructs you to walk the talk.

5.            Befriend the Holy Spirit of God

6.            Witness and share your experiences with others.

7.            Anticipate and be watchful.

Many things prepare us for this life. However, let us remember that our mission here is terminal but our relationship with God through Jesus is eternal. Therefore, I urge you to be ready!

God bless you 🙏

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