Tomorrow at 5pm is the deadline for applications for City of Kennedale City Council positions and Kennedale ISD Trustees. Currently, there are 3 places up for election this year. While the City has had an overwhelming response to the applications, the KISD has had very little.

City Elections

The city is running Place 1, 3, and 5 with Place 3 being a vacated position by recent election winner Constable Sandra Lee. Josh Altom is the incumbent for Place 1 and he has 2 Challengers. Former Kennedale Councilwoman Jan Jolin Place 3 has former Councilman Chris Pugh running for repositioning and Newcomer Julie Jacobson. Place 5 has incumbent Mayor Pro-tem Chad Wandell and local boy James Connor. This will be an interesting race with two former councils returning to the scene.

KISD Board Trustee

The Kennedale ISD Board Trustees have 3 places up for election. One was vacated early by Trustee Julie Webb, the other two by retiring members Leslie Carruthers and Michael Strange. However, there has only been one application for any of these spots. Former KISD Trustees and City Councilman Dr. Mike Walker applied for Place 3. As of today, there have been no other applications. It is not unusual for applicants to drop their paperwork off at zero hour but there is no rumor going around currently that could hint of other applicants.

Dealine – Note From Author

The deadline for applications is tomorrow. If you are considering running for any of these spots, please reach out to City Hall or KISD Administration to go fill out your form. To all Candidates, I wish you hard work and luck. If you would like to do a press release reach out to me, 8177916698. I will be doing our Coffee Chat for each Place in each Race. I will arrange that in March for everybody. Our future is bright in Kennedale.

EDITED: Corrections were made. Mike Walker is running for Place 3 KISD School Board Trustee. Stacey Golden is rumored to run in Place 5.