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2018 City Council Place 4: Candidate Linda Rhodes

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City Council Candidate Statement: Linda Rhodes

Dear Kennedale Residents,
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Linda Rhodes and I am running for Kennedale City Council Place #4. {{more: continue …}}
Many of you may know me from: either yourself or your children attending school with me, coaching your child in Kennedale Youth Association (KYA), my tenure working for the City of Kennedale, or attending church together. Whether you know me from one or more of those avenues or not, you are probably wondering why I am interested in running for this position, what makes me qualified, and what goals I would like to see be accomplished.
I, as well as my husband, am a lifelong resident of the Kennedale area.
We chose to continue to live in this fine community and raise our family here. We, including our two adult children, are Kennedale Alumni. We are taxpaying residents of the city (for more than one piece of property). We love the area and want to see it continue to thrive.
Last year I was able to retire with almost 35 years of municipal government experience. As a result of this retirement, it has opened a door to allow me to explore the idea of running for a place on council. With my knowledge, background, and willingness to serve, I feel that I have the qualifications and time to dedicate to give back to the community that is so dear to my heart.
Leadership qualities began developing in me while in high school; I was in the top ten of my graduating class at Kennedale High School, a member of the National Honor Society, and Captain of the Flag Corps team.
My career in municipal government began in 1982 with the City of Kennedale working in the Finance/Tax department and later in the Utility Billing Department. When the Board of Adjustment (BOA) was first formed there, I was selected by city management to serve as the BOA Secretary from the time of its inception until I left working there in 2002. At that time, I was offered a better job opportunity and went to work for another municipality serving as the City Secretary until my retirement.
Through my career, and including my present situation, my leadership involvement has continued. Below are bullet points of my educational background, community and professional involvements, qualifications, and goals.
Educational Background:
  • KISD Graduate
  • Associates in Applied Science Degree, TCJC (now TCC)
  • Certified Texas Registered Municipal Clerk (TRMC), #467
  • Actively pursuing TRMC Re-Certification #3
  • Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC)- through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC)* Association
  • Master Municipal Clerk (MMC)- through IIMC
  • Athenian Fellow- through IIMC

Highlights of Current Community and Professional Involvements:

  • Women?s Mission Union (WMU), President- First Baptist Church Kennedale (FBCK)
  • Librarian- FBCK
  • Sunday School Teacher- FBCK
Memberships in the local, state, and international associations for the municipal clerk?
  • Local – North Texas Municipal Clerks Association (NTMCA),
  • State – Texas Municipal Clerks Association (TMCA),
  • International – IIMC*

Highlights of Past Community and Professional Involvements:

  • Served as the following officers for NTMCA: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Historian
  • Elected as North Texas Municipal Clerk of the Year in 2009 by my peers in the North Texas chapter
  • Served on many committees within the NTMCA and TMCA
  • KYA Coach for Pee Wee Cheerleaders and Drill Team
  • KYA Cheer/Drill Teach Commissioner
  • Kennedale BOA Secretary from the time of its inception to 2002
  • Elected as Lake Worth Crime Control and Prevention District Board Secretary


  • Lifelong resident of the area; has seen the city evolve over the years
  • Strong municipal background- working closely with the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City Attorney (specifically, TOASE), and citizens as well as networking with other municipalities regarding a variety of issues that all cities face?
  • Past municipal employee of this city and another; has a grounded perspective on that side of the municipal spectrum
  • Community involvement
  • Church involvement?
  • Ethical


  • Supports Budget Collaboration- I am for Council to be good stewards of city finances by concentrating on basic needs and any unfunded mandates first, then focusing on balancing vision/growth while maintaining healthy, viable rates and fees.
  • Supports City Staff- I am for working towards ways to maintain and empower good employees. This results in improved morale and customer service.
  • Supports Senior Citizens- I am for being more inclusive of this group with regard to communications and programs.
  • Supports Business Growth- I am for proper businesses within appropriate zoning that would enable the city to grow a healthy property and sales tax base that would result in lessening the tax burden on residential property owners.?

I was raised based upon the golden rule principle, to respect others, to listen, to be a team player, and to try to do what is right for the better good?.even if it is not a popular choice. In light of the current divided condition of our city government, recently there was an article in the Opinions section of the Kennedale News regarding Kennedale Politics. After reading this article, one could best describe me as the candidate termed as the ?third way?. It has been asked if I am part of any certain ?group? and I can honestly say that I am not. I have sat and listened at council meetings and have found that I can see pros and cons on both sides of the ever present division. I have attended school with, went to church with, worked with, and coached children from greatly respected families on both sides. It is really saddening to sit and watch my hometown go through this. In order to turn this around to a positive direction and re-gain the trust, respect, and confidence of the residents, taxpayers, and city staff, this must start at the top with the Mayor/Council Members leading by example by listening to each other, promoting a comfortable environment to speak freely, and to professionally collaborate with each other and focus on what is best for the citizens as a whole. We need to strive to be a ?we? city and not a ?me? city. I feel that I can objectively fulfill that role. Thank you for your support and consideration.


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