ALERT: Person or Persons impersonating Kennedale Police Officer

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?The following information was posted October 30 at Kennedale Police Department
On October 23, 2013, at approximately 9:45 a.m. a female resident of the Shady Creek East neighborhood was approached by a male wearing what she believed to be a police uniform and driving a police-type SUV vehicle. The male exited the vehicle and asked the resident for her identification. When she questioned why he wanted the information, the male got back into the vehicle and left. A second male was seated in the vehicle but did not get out. ?{{more}}

On October 24, the resident?s husband contacted the police department to file a complaint on the male, believing him to be a Kennedale police officer. Investigation into department records found that there was no police activity reported or recorded for that time in that area. Further interviews with the resident revealed that the SUV was not marked as a Kennedale police unit, and the uniform and badge were not Kennedale?s issued equipment as well. This information has led the police department to believe that the males were police imposters.

The investigation is continuing into this incident in an attempt to identify the two males. A report of this incident was circulated to area police departments the day of the complaint. There have been no further incidents of this type since the original occurrence.

The vehicle is described as a white mid to full size SUV of unknown make or model, with a black stripe running down both sides just below the door handles. The word ?POLICE? was located just below the stripe. The vehicle had a light bar but it did not have a push bumper.

The driver was described as a white male, overweight, double chin, with short sandy blonde hair. This subject was wearing a navy blue uniform and sunglasses. He also had a badge on his shirt with the number 926 on it. The resident did not see any name tag or shoulder patches on the uniform. The passenger was described as a black male wearing sunglasses but he never got out of the vehicle.

If any residents recall seeing this vehicle and/or its occupants in the last week, they are encouraged to contact the Kennedale Police Department.

In the event a resident encounters these or similar individuals, always remember that police officers are required to carry identification on their persons. If you suspect that the officer is not legitimate, ask to see the identification. If they refuse and leave, get as much information as possible as they drive away. Vehicle descriptions and license plates are essential to making identifications.

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