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Friday, December 4, 2020

Adventure Electric Bicycles Participates in Viridian Community?s Artisan Market at Overlook Park

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Arlington, TX — Local businesses and residents came together Saturday for an Earth Day celebration at the up and coming Viridian community in Arlington. {{more: CONTINUE … }}
Viridian invited its residents to its scenic Overlook Park to shop local vendors and artisans while learning about the environment. The events? participants ranged from wineries and food producers to an animal rescue and a petting zoo.
Among the vendors was Adventure Electric Bicycles, a new local business situated at the corner of NE Green Oaks Blvd and North Collins St. in Arlington, who opened up its doors just a few month ago.

Adventure eBikes, as they are known more casually, featured various models of their electric bicycles, which run off of rechargeable batteries and are an eco-friendly alternative to cars, as well as an upgrade from traditional pedal bikes. Their eBikes come in a range of styles, from sport and mountain bikes, to cruisers, tricycles and even cargo bikes.

Residents signed up to win free half day rentals, provided by Adventure eBikes, that they will use to enjoy the 36 miles of bike trails nearby.
They also offered free demo rides to allow visitors to feel for themselves the difference an electric motor makes when riding a bike.
?I love to see people’s? reactions when they demo an eBike for the first time.? said Alex Ryan, partner of the business. ?Once you realize how fun and easy it is, you will look for reasons to get out and ride.?
Viridian hosts their Artisan Market from 8am to 3pm on a monthly basis during the summer months. The next Artisan Market is scheduled for May 20th.
For more information on Adventure Electric Bicycles, contact Alex Ryan at 972-641-7771.

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