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CITY Event looking for ?Trunks?

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On Saturday, October 24, there will be a city wide Halloween type event sponsored by the Kennedale

Youth Advisory Council and the Kennedale

Youth Association (Facebook) for kids and their families.

It is free and open to the public … {{more}}
At a Trunk-or-Treat, people park their cars (and trucks too) in a designated area, open up the trunks, and hand out candy to kids as they come by. This is billed as a safe and fun way for kids to trick or treat. This event will take place at TownCenter parking lot in Kennedale next to the Kennedale Police Department, City Hall and Kennedale Community Center/Library.
With lots of costumes, lots of people to visit with and a way to enjoy the fall weather outdoors, this event offers a safe alternative for younger kid especially if you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have many trick-or-treaters or homes open to them.
Event includes food trucks, a free movie and a senior citizen craft fair …
The evening kicks off from 5-7 pm with Trunk-or-Treat and continues at 7 pm with the free outdoor movie Disney’s Halloweentown

High (rated TV-G).

Need volunteers to donate their trunk and candy …
To make it work, the City needs volunteers that are willing to bring their car/truck and candy and do decorate your car for the occasion. Your trunk will need to be register to participate in the event. Participants can be individuals, clubs, organizations, or church groups.
Remember, this is a child-friendly non-alcoholic event. Come, enjoy and meet some new neighbors.
Get more information or register HERE

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