Determined and organized Kennedale group fights back

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The extraordinary water/sewer rate increase enacted by the City of Kennedale last year has stirred citizens like no other issue including the roundabouts. {{more:Read more …}}
The Kennedale City Council passed the controversial rate increase in January of 2016. It took only a short while for the rate increase to be felt and the Council Chambers have not been the same since. The Council did back down in August and offered an apology for not doing a better job of communicating. (See Council backs down put problem remains). It later approved a smaller but for many still an unacceptably high increase.
This controversy has grown in to competing philosophies and visions for Kennedale, as a vocal group of citizens has been at almost every meeting of Kennedale City Council since the rate increase to question the actions of city officials and elected members of the council.
has become central to upcoming elections …

The group has coalesced around three people who have become official candidates for this spring?s council election and have established a website, Kennedale

Unite, to promote their cause and elicit other supporters.

The three candidates are Rockie Gilley, Sandra Lee and Jan Joplin who will be running for the seats held by Charles Overstreet (Place 1, Mike Walker (Place 2) and Frank Fernandez (Place 3).
contested local elections are rare …
Kennedale has not had many contested elections in the past several years but this one promises to bring out a near record turnout.
Contested elections in small local entities are rare but remain important. “Local elections determine what happens in your neighborhood,

from your water to your recyclables, from your city center to your local police

force,” ventured Ashley Weber, new writer for The DC Spotlight.


In this case, it can provide a check on or a confirmation of Kennedale’s leadership and the direction the city hall is headed.

The actual election is May 6. Early voting starts April 24 for registered voters.
still time to register or update your information …
If you are not registered to vote and you are eligible, you must be registered by April 6, thirty days before the official election date of May 6, 2017.
An eligible voter for Kennedale is defined as an individual who meets the requirements of thirty (30) days residency in the City of Kennedale, Texas, and who is is eligible in the State of Texas by being at least 18 (17 years, 10 months at time of registration), not a convicted felony (unless the sentence is completed ? including probation and parole periods) and not declared mentally incompetent by a court of law.
If you have had a change of names and/or recently moved into the area, you need to update your voter application information.
Check out the City of Kennedale?s website for general election information on dates, deadlines and how to register as a voter @ City of Kennedale Election Information.

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