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Early Voting Starts Today for Kennedale City Council

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Candidates for Place 1 speak out …
The time has arrived for the first votes to be cast in a contentious local election for the Kennedale City Council. Election day is May 6 but early voting in person starts today. {{more: READ MORE …}}

Find out more about election dates and time at City of Kennedale Election Information

There are three

places open on the Kennedale Council and each one is contested this year. In

Place 1, incumbent Charles Overstreet, Professor of Psychology & Department

Chair at TCC South Campus, is being challenged by Rocky Gilley, an Information

Technology Consultant.

The following are part of statements submitted to the Star Telegram by candidates in Place 1. Read the full statements at Star Telegram
Kennedale City Council Place 1

What are the three most critical problems facing the city and your solutions?
Overstreet: 1. Kennedale is facing significant water and wastewater infrastructure challenges. We have sections of the city that have old wastewater systems and reservoirs in need of costly upgrades and repair. The increases in water rates have placed a financial burden on the Citizens. We must find solutions for funding these while maintaining the system. 2. The development of the Southern area of the City will bring more homes into the utility system, spreading and lowering the cost to individual households. 3. The increase in households will attract business and increase the financial health of the City.
Gilley: 1) The ordinary citizens of Kennedale lack representation on the current council; we need a council that reflects the diverse interests of the citizens in general. 2) Our water and sewer rates, among the highest in the state for comparable size cities, carry too large a share of new growth, and other expenses not directly related to water and sewer services. 3) The city has more new projects than the citizens can pay for, putting at risk the funding of basic city services such as police and fire department and maintenance of existing infrastructure for current residents.
What is your top priority if elected to office?
Overstreet: The City of Kennedale is in the center of a rapidly growing area, with opportunities and struggles. The current election is a contrast of visions of how to move forward ? controlled growth with a vision and plan or stagnation. My top priority is to continue managed development with the vision that was set forth in the Master Land Use Plan developed with input from the Citizens. The addition of homes, businesses, parks and trails in the Southern part of the City will not only improve the lifestyle of residents of Kennedale, but will improves the financial health of the City.
Gilley: City Government in my opinion exists to serve the needs of the citizens as a whole, I will challenge the current council?s view that the citizens are to serve the needs of city government. I will work to reduce the cost of water and sewer by funding growth at a rate citizens can afford, and putting repairs to current customers ahead of adding potential new customers. I will work for transparency and openness in city government, the citizens will know where their money is being spent and what benefit they will receive. I want to keep the small town atmosphere.
Why are you the best-qualified candidate for this office?
Overstreet: My involvement in City government began as a member of the Board of Adjustments. This included training in zoning, planning and the role of the board in settling questions of land use. This experience was valuable in the issues that I dealt with on the Planning & Zoning Commission. To be effective, I studied community planning principles, attended seminars and participated in conferences at National League of Cities. The years I spent on these boards prepared me for service on the City Council and have helped me to understand the complexities of City Government.
Gilley: I believe in representative democracy, not elitism, and will be a representative of the citizens as a whole, and work to improve our city by spending your money wisely for your benefit. I am a practical problem solver, with no other goal than to improve Kennedale. I have over 35 years of experience in the field of complex Information Technology Systems that support banking, energy and other vital components of our modern world that are tangible, not theoretical. Most of all I want a better Kennedale for the people that live here, including many family members and lifelong friends.
Read more @ http://www.star-telegram.com/news/politics-government/election/article146340749.html

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