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Friday night lights to council chambers

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Mayor Pro Tem really calls Kennedale home.
The Kennedale City Council was reorganized this past year when Brian Johnson was elevated to the office of Mayor, leaving the position of the Mayor Pro Tem open on the Council. While the mayor?s post is elected by the voters, the mayor pro tem office is elected by the city council members from among themselves. {{more}}
Kelly Turner was chosen by his peers to be the Kennedale Mayor Pro Tem. For him this was special. Turner is the fourth generation of his family to call Kennedale home and the fourth generation of his family to serve on the Kennedale City Council.
The Kennedale Dairy Queen sat in front of the Winn-Dixie….
A young Turner was roaming the streets of Kennedale before there was a Burger Box. The Kennedale Dairy Queen sat in front of the Winn Dixie. Travis Britt Home Center was down the street. Up the street was Jack?s Clip Joint and Kennedale still had a butcher shop. Kennedale schools had 4 buses and two ?country routes? on Dick Price/New Hope and Mansfield Cardinal/Eden Rd.
Turner graduated Kennedale High School in 1985 in a class of less than 50. J.W. Teague was Superintendent and ?two days or three licks? J.W. Helms was Principal of Kennedale High School. The high school band was 38 members strong. Dan Yokeley was athletic director and head coach and on his staff were the ?kids? Mark Biondi and Richard Barrett. Milena Balthrop was teaching English. At James Arthur Elementary, Principal Jim Delaney was patrolling the halls, stopping kids to quiz then on spelling and math.
Turner played football in Kennedale?s brand new stadium behind the present day Kennedale Junior High School. His senior year the team went 8-3 and lost in bi-district play. He was all-district in football and basketball.
Kennedale was making a sometimes painful transition …
New houses and residential editions were being built or were in the planning stages. Kennedale was making a sometimes painful transition from a small rural community to a growing suburb between Fort Worth and Arlington.
After graduating high school Turner attended Tarleton State University before earning his Bachelor?s Degree in Psychology at Texas Wesleyan University in 1990 and a Masters of Sports Medicine degree in 1994.
Fast forward and the Kennedale resident is now married with three children. He is a captain for the Mesquite Fire Department where he has worked since 1997 and active in city government
Turner became a member of the Kennedale Planning and Zoning Commission in 2007 and a year later was elected to the Kennedale City Council where he has continued to serve.
“I am passionate about Kennedale.”
Last month he made a presentation to the Kennedale Chamber of Commerce about the present ?state of the city?. In his address Turner summed up his feelings and why he wants to be a part of Kennedale’s growth and success.
?I am passionate about Kennedale.” He went on to say, ?I have always felt that there is something special about this community even when I was young.?
The Kennedale City Council meets on the third Monday of each month in the Council Chambers at Kennedale City Hall. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are open to the public.

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