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Garage Sales across Kennedale today and tomorrow

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The City Wide Garage Sale is an annual program sponsored by the City of Kennedale which allows city residents a free garage sale permit for two consecutive days. {{more: continue …}}
This the second half of the Kennedale Big Spring Clean of 2018. The first half of the big clean-up was on Saturday, April 28.
15 sites …?
This year, there are 15 approved garage sale sites. Each garage sale will set their own hours. A list of the participating addresses follow and all are in the city limits.??
  • 201 S


  • 908 Sunrise
  • 800


  • 706


  • 4405 Danny
  • 716 Paula
  • 101 N Dick

    Price Road

  • 610 Reeves
  • 504

    Mansfield Cardinal

  • 1014 Oak Hill
  • 1237

    Kennedale Sublett

  • 6712 E Oak


  • 1009 Oak

    Hill Park

  • 709


  • 1209


Planning a garage sale later this summer or in the fall? Here are the general requirements for a sale in the city of limits of Kennedale.?
  • Permit fee $10
  • Limit is 3 per year per residence
  • Limit is 3 consecutive days per permit
  • One of the three possible permits issued may be delayed to the following weekend at the discretion of the applicant
  • Six signs advertising the garage sale are the maximum that can be used.?
Find out the all information you need at Garage Sale – City of Kennedale?

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