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It wasn?t an easy decision

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? ? ?At the December monthly meeting, the KISD Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of board member John Hunt. It was indicated that it was for family reasons. It was not until after the Board had accepted his resignation and approved the interim appointment of Eddie Patterson to that Board that Board President, Dr. Mike Walker, gave an explanation what had just happened.
? ? ?It goes back to an opening that occurred at James Arthur Intermediate School in November. The opening was for a counselor. {{more}}It happened that Kim Hunt, John Hunt?s wife, had been looking for just this opportunity. Mrs. Hunt had 14 years of experience teaching, the last 13 in Arlington ISD. She had earned her Master?s in counseling when their children were young but she not really used it. Now all of their children were attending school in Kennedale and the family had been living in the district for some time now. This was a good chance to live and work here also.
? ? ?One problem John was currently serving on the school board. Under the existing ?nepotism? laws no immediate family member may be hired or promoted while another family member is serving on the board of trustees of a school district. John liked what he was doing, he was in the 2nd year of his three year term and he felt like he was giving back to the community. In the end it was decided that Kim would apply and if she made it to the final cut and a job was offered, John would make the decision.
? ? ?James Arthur?s Principal Danny Greenfield said that upwards of 30 individuals contacted the school about the position when it was posted on line. Of those who made an application, six were chosen for interviews. Kim Hunt was one of those six. Mr. Greenfield along with the Assistant Principal, Beth Morris, conducted the interviews and narrowed it down to one to recommend to the Superintendent and the KISD School Board. It was Kim Hunt and John made the decision to step down.
? ? ?The final part of the board process required under law was that someone be officially appointed to replace the resigned board member and complete the board member?s term of office and/or until a new election is set. This prevents a board member resigning and then being reappointed after the family member has been hired or promoted. The KISD Board appointed Eddie Patterson, a former board member (15 years), to serve until new elections could be held to fill the remaining year of the John Hunt?s term.
? ? ?When contacted this week, Kim Hunt said that in the end John was very supportive and was glad that the family could be all together in the school district. When asked if she liked working here in Kennedale at James Arthur Intermediate she quickly said ?absolutely?.

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