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KHS offers a variety of camps this summer

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There are a number of ways kids can enjoy the summer with challenging special interest? activities and camps and maybe find a talent, skill or interest that they didn?t know that they had. {{more: continue …}}
The Kennedale Library offers a summer reading program. Local churches have their own evening and weekly programs. Meanwhile, Kennedale ISD offers several camps that are run by some of the best coaches and teachers in the metroplex.

School opportunities include ?

  • KHS Summer Drama Workshop ? June 24-28 (Grades 1-8). The Summer Drama Workshop is a week-long summer activity hosted by the KHS Headliners Thespian Troupe at Kennedale High School. This camp is excited to offer workshops to strengthen communication skills, build self-confidence, and introduce students to the culture and appreciation for theatrical performance-in a fun summer atmosphere. For Grades 1-8, and incoming high school freshman students. Groups to be divided by age/grade. Students from any school district, home-school, or charter/private are welcome. The camp is led by KHS Theatre Director, Genevieve Croft who this year directed a KHS production that reached the UIL state regionals competition. See complete information with applications at KHS Summer Drama Camp
  • KHS Outdoor Education Youth Archery Camp ? June 24-27 (Grades 4 ? 12), Optional tournament on June 29 ? The camp is design to teach students the basic National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) procedures and techniques. The camp is under the direction of Danny Wilcox, high school teacher and outdoor education instructor. Note: The Kennedale program has sent students to the state archery tournament the last five years and qualified a team for nationals this year, sending one female high school student who finished in the top 10%. More information @??KHS Young Archer Camp
  • KHS Summer Baseball Hitting Camp ? May 29-31 (Ages 5-14) The Wildcats School of Baseball hitting camp will be held Wednesday, May 29th through Friday, May 31st at the High School Baseball Turf room area of the lower field house. This facility is located on Wildcat Way (just behind the high school) at the back of the first parking lot in front of the tennis courts. The purpose of the camp is to develop the art of hitting in the great game of baseball. We teach a more contact-oriented swing, which has allowed our athletes to perform at a very high level. Note: The KHS Baseball has not missed a playoff in 24 years. The camps is under the guidance of KHS coaches Paul Trantham and Richard Earle. You may sign up the day of the camp. Find out more @ KHS School of Baseball
  • Lady Kat Volleyball Camp ? June 3-6 (Incoming 4-6th graders and incoming 7-9th graders) ? Goal is to increase volleyball skills, knowledge and appreciation of the game and other players, and to build self-confidence. The camp is under the direction of KHS Volleyball Head Coach Kelly Carl. Note: Kennedale Lady Kats have been in the playoffs 13 straight years. More @?Lady Kat Volleyball Camp
  • Lady Kat Summer Softball Camp ? June 10-13 (incoming K-6 grades & incoming 7-9 grades) ? Location at Kennedale High School. The camp is under the direction of Head Coach Phillip Irby. Note: The Kennedale Lady Kats have been to the playoffs for 26 years and have won two state titles. More information @ KHS Lady Kat Softball Camp
  • Wildcat Basketball Camp – June 17-21 (3rd-6th grades), June 24-28 (7th ? 9th grades) – The Wildcat Basketball Camp will provide five days of great instruction and competition with fun and improvement as core goals. Campers will have an opportunity to improve through instruction, drills, and exciting competitions to improve their skills on offense and defense. The staff ensures that your son will have a great time and learn basketball fundamentals. We pride ourselves on providing campers with a very informative camp, as well as an enjoyable environment. Note: The Wildcat basketball program has missed the playoffs twice in 22 years and has two state final four finishes with one state title. For more information @?Wildcat Summer Basketball Camp
  • KHS Lady Kat Basketball Camp ? June 17-19 (entering grades 4th-9th) – The Lady Kat Basketball Camp will teach the fundamentals of basketball and team play in a competitive setting. Our goal will be to provide your child with the motivation to work on their individual skills outside of camp as they strive to become a Lady Kat. We ensure your child is in a positive, fun learning environment which will promote a love for the game of basketball. The camp is under the direction of KHS Head Coach Garrett Hilton. Note: The Lady Kats have not missed the playoffs in and have been to the state final four twice. Find out more information about the camp @ Kennedale Lady Kat Summer Basketball Camp
  • Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp ? June 10-27 M-Th, July 8 & 11-12, July 15-18 and July 24-26 (Grades 6th 12th) Male and female, open to any student regardless of athletic participation. Separate times for younger students (9-11am) and older students (7-9am). Program under the supervision the Kennedale Athletic Department ? Richard Barrett, Athletic Director, Patti Bostad, Girl?s Athletic Director. Details @?KHS Strengthen and Conditioning Camp
  • Wildcat Marching Band Summer Schedule and Information ? One of the premier programs in Class 4A in Texas, the Wildcat Marching Band program under the direction of Erol Oktay has a number of activities scheduled this summer for incoming and current band members, grades 9-12. For more information see – Wildcat Band Summer Information

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