KJHS Places 38 in All-Region Band

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Last week members of the Kennedale Junior High Band auditioned for the All-Region Band at Irma Marsh Middle School in the Castleberry ISD and took home the most positions of any school involved. {{more}}
The region consists of Alvarado, Springtown, Castleberry, Kennedale, Venus, Godley, and Stephenville. Thirty-eight KJHS students earned a position in the All-Region band, which was more than double any other school at the competition. Junior high Wildcats were awarded eight 1st chairs and four 2nd chairs.
Students earning a chair by instruments were
  • Tawny Smith-Knox (2nd Chair); Madison Zurbuchen (3rd Chair & highest ranking 7th grader); Alex Saenz (4th Chair); Jordan Saunders (6th Chair); Abbi Marshall (7th Chair).
  • Madison Suchsland (1st Chair); Nikki Wright (4th Chair); Nasanna Henley (5th Chair & highest ranking 7th grader); Alexis Bundy (6th Chair); Keghan McGee (7th Chair); Alexis Wheeler (8th Chair); Taylor Ann Fandrich (11th Chair); Matthew Cerda-Malec (14th Chair); Marissa Arteaga (16th Chair)
Bass Clarinet
  • Sarah Jennings (1st Chair & highest ranking 7th grader)
Alto Saxophone
  • Mariah Rodriguez (1st Chair); Graci Hale (2nd Chair & highest ranking 7th grader); Anna Young (4th Chair)
Baritone Saxophone
  • Jordan Samms (1st Chair)
  • Colby Wilson (2nd Chair); Theo Krieger (3rd Chair); Caden Gillespie (6th Chair & highest ranking 7th grader); Audrey Helms (7th Chair); Josh Fox (10th Chair); Sebastian Rockin (11th Chair); Ian Stites (12th Chair)
French Horn
  • Tyler Weckherlin (1st Chair); Alex Young (7th Chair)
  • Dylan Mowrer (1st Chair & highest ranking 7th grader); Elizabeth Harrelson (5th Chair); Belle Mayer (6th Chair)
  • Garth Reed (3rd Chair)
  • Allen Constantino (1st Chair); Dynver James (2nd Chair); Will Harrelson (7th Chair)
  • Trinity Tran (1st Chair); Joe Cullum (5th Chair); Julia McHugh (7th Chair)

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