KPD Incident Reports April 7 – April 20, 2019

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The Kennedale Police Department reported the following 29 incidents for the two week period April 7, 2019 through April 20, 2019. The reports included domestic violence, DWI,? death investigation, assault, burglary, public intoxication, evading arrest and missing persons. {{more: continue …}}

These reports and others were in addition to on-going investigations. These do not include calls where no report was written. Some of the offenses, after further investigation, may have been deemed unfounded.
Police Reports: April 7-13 …

4/07 – Assault by Contact – At 11:27 p.m. officers responded to a fight in progress. On arrival an adult female was sitting in the driveway of the residence. She appeared to be intoxicated on alcohol and was unable to stand without support. The female had been in a physical altercation with another female, who is her adult daughter. The mother attempted to strike the daughter, who stepped out of the way. Neither female sustained an injury during the fight but the daughter?s shirt was torn. Both females live at the residence along with the daughter?s adult boyfriend. The mother was arrested for Public Intoxication and Assault by Contact. It was discovered that the daughter had injuries that were sustained from an earlier physical altercation at a separate location. She wasn?t sure of the address and was unable to identify any of the suspects due to not knowing anyone present. No action was taken in that offense.

4/07 – Assault by Contact – At 1:27 p.m. officers responded to a domestic disturbance. An adult female stated that her ex-boyfriend had been at her home earlier and was accusing her of cheating on him. The male suspect followed her into her residence by using a door key that she was unaware that he had. When the female attempted to contact the police the suspect slapped the phone from her hand. The suspect left the scene in an unknown direction. The offense was witnessed by a female friend of the victim?s.

4/07 – Driving While Intoxicated – 1000 block of W. Kennedale Parkway: At 4:25 p.m. an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The adult male driver was evasive when answering questions and smelled of an alcoholic beverage. The male was unable to successfully complete a field sobriety assessment. He was placed under arrest for DWI and transported to jail for a voluntary blood draw and booking.

4/07 – Aggravated Assault – At 4:04 a.m. a female victim called to report that her boyfriend had threatened to kill her. The victim reported that the suspect stated he was leaving from his mother?s residence in Austin to come to Kennedale. The victim stated that he said he would kill her when he arrived. A call to the suspect?s mother revealed that she had calmed him down and convinced him to stay in Austin. The victim also related that in the last week the suspect had threatened her as she tried to leave the residence with her children. The suspect confronted her with two large knives and slashed at her several times without making contact. The victim refused to provide a written statement to the event as she didn?t want the suspect to go to prison. The charge was filed by the officer, who also recommended her for a protective order.

4/08 – Driving While Intoxicated – Gilman Road: At 12:42 a.m. officers responded to an accident reported by OnStar due to an air bag deployment. The two male occupants were uninjured and appeared to have been drinking. The driver was unable to successfully complete a field sobriety assessment. He was placed under arrest and transported to jail for booking and a blood draw pursuant to a warrant being issued.

4/09 – Incident (other) – Hudson Village Creek Road: At 3:56 p.m. a complainant brought a written statement to the police department. He was complaining of a nuisance from a business across the street from his home.

4/10 – Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child – At 3:14 p.m. a complainant reported that there was a post on a social media site in regards to a known juvenile student stating that he had been assaulted sexually. Contact was made with the foster parent of the alleged victim, who stated he was not aware of any sexual activity involving the alleged victim. He did say the juvenile had behavioral and mental health issues. A report was generated to CPS as well. Detectives will follow up.

4/10 – Aggravated Assault – At 1:03 p.m. officers responded to a disturbance. A male who was located was on the scene stated that his girlfriend had left her residence with another man and her children. This angered the male, who then followed them and struck the other vehicle. Officers arrived right after that and the male drove back to his girlfriend?s residence. The female and the other male were located a short distance away in a parking area. They were uninjured but the vehicle did have damage consistent with the suspect?s statement. The suspect, who is on parole, was arrested for the aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and for outstanding warrants form another city. He was transported to jail for booking.

4/11 – Criminal Mischief $750 to $2,500 -? At 10:53 p.m. an officer responded to a criminal mischief complaint. An adult male stated that his and his mother?s vehicle were spray painted overnight while sitting in their driveway. The victim did name a possible suspect.

4/11 – Assault by Contact – At 2:00 p.m. a school resource officer was notified of a possible assault by a male juvenile suspect on a female juvenile victim. It was alleged that the contact was the result of a dare game played by the students. The victim?s mother was notified and responded to remove the victim from the campus at the safety recommendation of a counselor. The suspect?s guardian was contacted to remove him from campus pending further action from the school and police.

4/11 – Death Investigation – At 3:02 p.m. officers responded to an unresponsive female. Officers discovered a deceased 65 year old female in a bedroom. The female?s husband was at the home and stated that she had been dealing with some depression issues lately. The female had several on-going health issues.

4/11 – Assault by Contact – Peachtree Court: At 5:48 p.m. an officer responded to a report of an assault. A male juvenile had been burned with a vehicle cigarette lighter by another juvenile male, who is a friend. It was intended as a joke but the victim did display a burn mark from the incident. The suspect was issued a citation for assault.

4/11 – Missing Person (Juvenile) -? At 2:04 p.m. a female contacted police to report her 15 year old son as a runaway. The day before they had an altercation and the male left the residence. The mother provided several residences and names of people who may know where he is.

4/12 – Theft $100 to $750 – S. New Hope Road: At 6:05 p.m. a female reported that she had placed a money order in a night drop box to pay her rent. She was notified the next day by management that the money order was not received.

4/13 – Evading Arrest Detention – 500 block of N. Dick Price Road: At 5:45 p.m. an officer stopped a vehicle for traffic violations. The vehicle?s ignition had been punched out. During the stop the officer returned to the police vehicle to check the male suspect?s information as he had no identification in possession. Before the check was complete a passenger who was in the vehicle exited to tell the officer the suspect was going to flee. The officer met the passenger between the two vehicles. It was at this point that the suspect drove away. The officer was unable to catch the vehicle due to the suspect?s head start. The passenger left the area as the officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle. When the officer returned the passenger was not on scene but the officer still had the passenger?s identification.
Police Reports: April 14-20 …

4/14 ? DWI, Evading Arrest or Detention, Abandon/Endanger a Child – At 8:30 a.m. an officer attempted to stop a vehicle for erratic driving on Kennedale Parkway. The vehicle refused to yield and continued to drive to a residence on Winterwood Drive. The vehicle was being operated by an adult female driver with two unrestrained small children in the rear seat. The female appeared intoxicated and the officer could smell an aroma of marijuana in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed a marijuana pipe with residue in the bowl. The female was unable to successfully complete a field sobriety assessment. She was placed under arrest for DWI with a child under 15, evading arrest or detention in a vehicle, and endangering a child. The children were released to the female?s roommate. She was transported to jail for booking. A warrant was obtained for a blood draw at 10:58 a.m.

4/14 – Incident (other) – 400 block of Municipal Drive: At 8:39 p.m. an officer received a report of a recovered stolen vehicle. A blue Jeep was being towed by a wrecker for a car lot. The vehicle had been repossessed the night before and the former vehicle owner had reported it stolen to Fort Worth police. The car lot representative had appropriate paperwork and the vehicle was removed from the database as stolen.

4/15 – Burglary of Vehicle – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 5:28 a.m. a victim reported that an unknown male had entered his work truck and removed a backpack with personal property in it. The suspect was observed committing the theft on security video.

4/15 – Burglary – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 2:20 p.m. a victim reported to police that his work shop was burglarized. Unknown person(s) entered the building by prying open a door. Suspect(s) removed several work items/tools.

4/14 – Theft $100 to $750 – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 2:30 p.m. a victim reported that person(s) unknown removed a catalytic convertor for a vehicle from his property. The theft occurred approximately three months earlier.

4/17 – Missing Person (adult) – At 7:36 a.m. a female reported that her husband was missing. He had left the previous evening and not returned home. An affidavit was completed and the male was entered into the database as missing. At 10:40 a.m. the missing person was located at a nearby municipal jail. He was removed from the database and his wife notified of his location.

4/17 – Criminal Mischief $750 to $2,500 – 200 block of Pine Meadow Drive: At 8:59 a.m. a victim reported to police that his vehicle was damaged while parked in his driveway. The victim did name a possible suspect.

4/17 – Recovered Stolen Vehicle (other agency) – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 3:55 p.m. a female called to say that her cousin was at her place of employment in Kennedale and that he is a runaway out of Lubbock. Officers made contact and confirmed the juvenile was a runaway. His guardian was notified of the recovery. The female agreed to assist the juvenile in returning to Lubbock. During this event officer also located a vehicle that had been stolen from Town Center and was located near the location where the runaway was recovered. It is unknown if these two events are related.

4/18 – Criminal Mischief Substantial Inconvenience – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 4:16 p.m. a victim reported that his vehicle had been damaged by another vehicle that was stuck in mud next to the victim?s car. The suspect attempted to get his vehicle out of the mud, throwing mud and gravel against the victim?s vehicle.

4/18 – Incident (other) – 400 block of Municipal Drive: At 4:53 p.m. a juvenile male and an adult female came to the police department to turn in a stolen cell phone. The phone was reported stolen out of Plano. The owner was contacted and advised the phone had been recovered.

4/18 – Incident (other) – 400 block of Municipal Drive: At 9:02 p.m. a runaway turned himself in to Kennedale police. The runaway had left his foster home in another city and not returned. The foster parents were notified and responded to pick him up.

4/18 – Burglary – Dick Price Road: At 6:55 a.m. an officer received a report of damaged and stolen property, including a large front end loader, from several businesses located next door to each other. The stolen items were located a short distance away on private property. The loader was stuck in mud and unable to move. All of the other stolen items were in the loader bucket.

4/19 – Criminal Mischief Substantial Inconvenience – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 2:35 p.m. a male entered a business to order food. When unable to do so due to not being able to pay, the male became agitated. He asked for a courtesy cup for water. He then filled the cup with ketchup and threw it against an outside window. He was cited for the criminal mischief.

4/19 – Theft $750 to $2,500 – W. Kennedale Parkway: At 8:28 a.m. a victim reported that unknown person(s) removed a 2001 Ford from company property. The vehicle was removed by ramming a locked entry/exit gate.

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