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Thursday, December 3, 2020

KPD racial profiling report passes

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According to a comprehensive analysis of Kennedale Police Department activity in 2018, the department is in compliance with the Texas Racial Profiling Law.?{{more: continued …}}
The multi-page report was prepared by Del Carment Consulting LLC and presented last week the Kennedale City Council by Kennedale Police Chief Tommy Williams.?
The Texas Racial Profiling Law was passed in 2001 and then modified with additional requirements with the passage of the Sandra Bland Act. Kennedale has met all of the requirements in these legislative acts according to Chief Williams.
Information reported regarding KPD traffic stops included the following:


stops: 3,290 –?of that number

  • 1,102 were females and 2,188 male;?
  • 754 were black, 83 were Asian/Pacific Island, 1,959 White, 489 Hispanic and 5 Alaska Native American;?
  • 331 of the stops the ethnicity was known prior to the stop, 2,959 were not known;?
  • 211 were for violations of law, 51 for pre-exisiting knowledge, 2,147 for moving traffic violation;?
  • 1.938 stops were on city streets, 1,019 on US highway, 14 on county road, 315 on state highway and 4 on private/other property;?
  • 248 searches were conducted, 3,041 were no search stops;
  • 105 searches were consent, 8 because contraband in plain view, 94 for probable cause, 8 for inventory and 34 were with arrest;?
  • 114 searches discovered contaband, 135 searches no contraband discovered;?
  • 59 searches found drugs, 10 found weapons, 16 found alcohol 6 found stolen property and 47 found “other”;?
  • 2,114 stops resulted in verbal warnings, 75 in written warnings, 945 in citations, 126 were arrest;?
  • 67 arrest were for vilation of penal code, 10 were for traffic violations, and 49 for outstanding warrants;?
  • 0 reports of injury reported in any physical force used during arrest.?

Summary from the report …

The multi-page comprehensive study concluded that “the Kennedale Police Department has complied with the Texas Racial Profiling Law and all of its requirements.” In addition the report noted that the police department has “incorporated a comprehensive racial profiling policy, currently offers information to the public on how to file a compliment or complaint, commissions quarterly data audits in order to ensure validity and reliability, collects and commissions the analysis of tier 2 data, and ensures that the practice of racial profiling is not tolerated.”

Recommendations from the report …
The authors of the report recommended that the

Kennedale Police Department continue to collect and evaluate additional

information on motor vehicle contact data (i.e., reason for probable cause

searches, contraband detected) which may prove to be useful when determining

the nature of the contacts police officers are making with all


As part of

this effort, the Kennedale Police Department should continue to perform an independent analysis on

contact and search data in future years and commission data audits in 2019 in

order to assess data integrity; that is, to ensure that the data collected is

consistent with the data being reported.?

See the complete report? @ Kennedale PD Annual Report – 2018



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