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Kennedale Police joint venture with Mansfield complete

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The following was reported in the City

of Kennedale Newsletter

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, the Kennedale Police Department completed a two-year long project of consolidating dispatch and jail services with the Mansfield Police Department. Talks began in 2012 to investigate the possibility of merging these services as a way to offset rising technology and personnel costs, staffing issues, and information sharing. {{more}}
On October 1, 2013, Kennedale police officers began using the Mansfield jail facility. On that same date, the Mansfield Police Department began staffing the Kennedale dispatch office with their communicators. This system was necessary until Mansfield and Fort Worth could upgrade their radio systems to a P25 digital format. This format allowed the two systems to link up for complete regional radio coverage. In February of 2014 the system connection was completed.
On February 25, the two cities? dispatch services were consolidated into a regional facility operating out of Mansfield. The Kennedale Police Department’s dispatch office is now officially deactivated.

There are several changes that Kennedale citizens should be aware of:

  • The phone numbers to reach police, fire/rescue, and public works dispatch remain the same. All numbers ring directly into the regional dispatch center in Mansfield.
  • When you call for a police, fire, or public works response to an emergency, you will still see Kennedale units at your home or business. This consolidation effort is for dispatch and jail services only.
  • It is recommended that if you live in Kennedale and need a police or fire/rescue unit, do not come to the police building to make the request. Call 911 to have a unit respond to your home.
  • If you do need to come to the police building to speak to an officer, there is a contact wall phone located in the lobby. The dispatch center can see you and will respond to your request by dispatching an officer to speak with you.
  • The building will have clerical staff, detectives, and administrative staff present during normal business hours, as usual. For questions relating to records or other services, contact 817.985.2160, ext. 2219.

The City of Kennedale is excited about this partnership. It is the first of its kind in south Tarrant County and mirrors what a number of other cities in north Tarrant County have done with great success. Through this partnership we will be able to provide much greater coverage of public safety services to our customers at substantial cost savings.

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