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Friday, December 4, 2020

Kennedale Yard of the Month: Billy & Tricia Smith

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“CONGRATULATIONS to Billy & Tricia Smith of 905 Bell Oak Drive as the recipients of YARD OF THE MONTH for July 2016 in OAK HILL PARK. {{more:[Read more]}}
It is obvious of the countless hours spent in the meticulously manicured yard. Their beautiful grand front door entrance screams “Welcome” and their home and Driveway is Patriotically adorned with American Flags.

Please Congratulate our neighbor for doing their part in making Oak Hill Park and The City of Kennedale proud.

Thanks to CharlieAnd Millie Davis for heading this up!

*If your neighborhood would like to take part in their own Yard of the Month…. Let us know and the Keep Kennedale Beautiful Commission can get a sign for your neighborhood and post your winners on our Facebook page and website.
Plus the Kennedale News is happy to run the story.

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