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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Local businessman making a hit with storm closet shelters

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David Magiera of Kennedale has developed a bad weather safe closet for inside the house. This got him noticed by CBSDFW News and his specialty closets were featured recently on the newscast. {{more:[read more]}}

Mageria calls his storm shelters ?Armored Closets? and nearly 600 people have one now somewhere in their house.

He says that the shelters are able to handle a .45 caliber bullet and withstand an F-5 tornado. He calls it tornado insurance.
For him he said it never made sense to run outside in a storm to get into a shelter. Prices start at just $4000 and each can be customized to fit the owner?s wants and needs.

His Kennedale location includes a showroom and is located at 625 W. Kennedale Pkwy, Kennedale, TX 76060. Find out more at armoredcloset.com or on Facebook at ww.facebook.com/armoredcloset

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