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Meet Your Neighbor: Nikki Funderburk

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Nikki Funderburk was featured last month in a story by the Kennedale Area

Chamber of Commerce in a series that focuses on local business members. This a part of that story. {{more:[read more]}}

Nikki is the sole owner and operator of Camp Gladiator

Kennedale, celebrating its two year anniversary.

Nikki is home grown, graduating from Kennedale High School.
?I am a proud graduate of KHS and was even a part of one of the first Youth Advisory Councils for the city. So our big claim to fame is that we helped design the roundabouts all around town. Love them or hate them, you can blame me!?
After graduating from high school, she attended Midwestern State University on a theater scholarship but has since switched to Tarleton University at Fort Worth studying marketing, hoping to graduate within the next year.
Recent Kennedale Chamber

Ribbon Cutting for Camp Gladiator

Her business, Camp Gladiator Kennedale, is an outdoor bootcamp program. She explained about her program and why she chose here to start her business.
?I?ve been a certified trainer for 2 years now and just really love the whole program. We offer progressive 4 week programs, so the workouts within those four weeks are building upon each other, but then each new session changes to a totally different workout path. By never using the same system, you never get bored and your body continues to see results.”
“I grew up here, so I understand the people and the community. It?s so close-knit, I can really interact on more personal basis and get to know people and their whole families. In an area like this, even when you meet someone new, it doesn?t take long to feel like you?ve known them their whole lives. That makes a huge difference with my boot camp groups too, we really become like little support groups and families; it?s not just a bunch of random strangers showing up to a time slot. Everyone looks out for each other, checks in on each other, and is really rooting for each other to succeed.”

She happened on her business by personal experience.
?I?d always been active, I was in athletics in high school and then in college I sort of bounced around, trying to figure out what sort of workouts fit my style and my new schedule. I got a personal trainer but wasn?t really happy with the whole process and thought I could do better. I tried a Camp Gladiator boot camp and fell in love, I started my internship with them after my first class and opened my own a few months later.”
She likes the flexibility that the program offers and the support that each person gets from her and the rest of the group.
“I love that we can reach the masses and still have a very personalized experience. With the variety of locations and times, we can fit anyone?s schedule, and since I?m so hands on during the camp, I can honestly work with a HUGE variety of fitness levels and still give everyone a great workout. … and my clients benefit from having this whole community of people cheering them on. It adds a whole other level of accountability, being a part of our group? you don?t just have a trainer to answer to, you have a whole camp of new friends who want you to succeed just as much as I do.”

The groups varies from the young to the old and some bring their kids along.

“I can work with anyone who lives or works in the area, really anyone. Most of my clients are adults, but some bring their kids who are wanting to learn more about staying physically active, which is great. My groups range from 20-60 years old, just anyone with a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, I?m your girl!?

For more information on Camp Gladiator email nikkifunderburk@campgladiator.com

or call 817.201.4644. Check out her Facebook page for special offers @ CGKennedale

To see the complete story visit Kennedale Area

Chamber of Commerce.

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