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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mixed use development plan along Kennedale Parkway dead on arrival

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Monday night, at the regular monthly meeting of the Kennedale City Council, among the items that are to be considered, was a resolution calling for support of a mixed-use development on 18 acres of vacant land off of Kennedale Parkway and Sublett Road (opposite of the Kennedale Burger Box). {{more}}
It was removed on Friday after a concept drawing of the site was received and it was determined that there was no Council support for the plan.
News of the proposed plan had been circulating in the public this past week and had received negative comments. The Kennedale News had received questions about it. Some were concerned that they had heard it involved “Section 8′ housing which was not part of the plan as proposed.
a combination of small retail/office/restaurant plus housing …
OM Housing out of Dallas had expressed an interest in developing a mixed use development. In their proposal it was to be called The Village at Hammack Creek on a large section of vacant land near the town center. A mixed use development includes retail/commercial business combined with housing/apartments along with unique landscaping.
A concept plan, as seen above, showed a proposed development that would have included 140 apartment units, 28 town homes and a combination of retail and office space.
The residential area would have had a club house with a swimming pool and a dog park. The retail spaces would have been in 2 single story office and restaurant/shopping/retail buildings that would have fronted Kennedale Parkway.
The plan showed four entrances to the Village with two on Kennedale Parkway and two on Sublett Road.
The apartments would have been 76 one bedroom and 64 two bedrooms units in 8 different two story apartment buildings scattered around the 18 acre development.
The townhomes would have been 2 and 3 bedrooms units with four to a unit in 8 separate housing units around the edge of the development.
The target audience apparently was the young single or married with 0-2 children and/or the older single/married couple without children in the home, something that is in high demand in the DFW area.
proposal was dead on arrival …
While it may have fit into the overall comprehensive land use plan for Kennedale, it apparently did not meet Council expectations. It did not contain “Section 8” housing, but did include the possibility of “below market units”, something that is a deal breaker at this point. The size and scope were also of concern.
OM Development was hoping to get a resolution of support from the City of Kennedale. Now it is back to the drawing board.

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