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Pastor Nelda’s Notes: Being a fighter

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As we consider “Making Disciples” we have discussed first being a disciple. In John’s gospel we discover to be a disciple you must be a Worshipper, a Servant and a Witness. We must also be a fighter. {{more: continue …}}
We fight a lot of things in this world. There are many things to fight in this world. For instance you can fight sickness, fatigue, death of loved ones, failure of your plans and hopes, questions without answers, and pain without reason. We fight negative comments, back stabbing, inability to communicate and work out issues together. Yes we fight in this world. We fight sickness, pain, the death of loved ones, fatigue, questions without answers, the failure of our hopes and dreams.
But we also fight in the spiritual world. Perhaps you are a strong person. You have the ability to withstand a lot of pressure and you don’t weaken under stress. Perhaps you can work long hours day after day after day. In your family, perhaps you are the one that everyone leans on for support and you are the emotional anchor in the family.?
There are many kinds of strength that we may possess; but the most important strength is the strength we have in the Lord. Our Christian strength is of the spirit, it’s measured in faithfulness, perseverance and trust. By God’s grace we live by faith.

Our struggle is against powers and principalities and the Lord wants us to be strong.

  1. God wants you to be strong in Him because you are in a spiritual battle against the powerful forces of darkness.
  2. God wants you to be strong in Him because the spiritual battle can only be won, first of all, by putting on His armor.
  3. God wants you to be strong in Him because the spiritual battle is won, second, through prayer.?
In order for you to fight the good fight of the faith, in order for you to be strong, you must put on faith, righteousness, and salvation. We must use the gospel which is the Word of God, and we must pray.
Our Scripture this Sunday will help us identify the armor we must put on for this fight of life.
See you on Sunday!
“I don’t know how but I know WHO!”


Pastor Nelda
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