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Serving has no boundaries

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?Meet Russell Chun

He is a 23 year veteran of the U.S. Army, who served in 5 different

country while on active military duty. He was an overseas missionary who served in

Hungary and with GoodSports International. He is a recent graduate of Dallas Baptist University (DBU) {{more: continue …}}with a

masters in Global Leadership and Theological Studies. And, he is currently serving as

the World Relief?s Resource Coordinator.

Is there a

Kennedale connection?

Yes. He is a

member of the First Baptist Church of Kennedale and more than just a visitor at

the Mission Store at Kennedale First United Methodist Church.


Sanders of FUMC had this to say about Chun.


you go to FUMC Kenndale, shop at the Mission Store, volunteer at the Mission

Store or have talked with Pastor Nelda, myself, Larry and Dolores Smith or Esta

Dunham, chances are you hear his name in connection with outreach and mission.

A man [Dunn] rarely seen unless he is whizzing through with a load of

donations, with refugee families that need our help or with his latest

“Outreach Brainstorm” he wants to include us in! ? we are proud to

partner in ministry with him.”

More about World Relief …?


Relief (based in Fort Worth) mission is to empower the local church to serve

the most vulnerable. This partnership of

local churches and volunteers with World Relief helps refugees, from war-torn

and oppressive communities, to find peace and security in the heart of

Texas. They are discovering that the

Church, the body of Christ, cares about them.”

Go beyond your boundaries and volunteer. Find out more at World

Relief or check with your church, school or the United Way of Tarrant County.?


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