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Several actions taken by the City Council in January

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Last month the Kennedale City Council met on January 15, 2019 and approved several items while discussing several topics. Information based on the unofficial minutes of the meeting. {{more: continue …}}
Action items included …??
  • Interviewed and approved Amy Cates as an alternative member to the Utility and Board.
  • Approved the low bid of $281,269.00 to Atkins BrothersEquipment Company, and the City?s participation amount of $98,249.30, for the 44th year CDBG project for Danny Drive water line improvements.
  • Approved calling the General Election for May 4, 2019.
  • Authorized the Mayor to sign a one-year extension of an Interlocal Agreement with City of Fort Worth for rabies control services and the utilization of animal impoundment and quarantine facilities.
  • Approved the low bid of $369,249.00 to PM Construction & Rehab, LLC, for Crestdale sewer line improvements and the City?s participation amount of $98,249.30, for the 44th year CDBG project for Danny Drive water line improvements.
  • Approved of the sale of 229 S. New Hope to Maria Crespo for the amount of $4,000.
  • Approved payment of property taxes on real property owned by the Kennedale Arts and Culture Foundation (not to exceed $14,640.9) and authorizing City staff to execute all documents necessary to reinstate the Foundation?s right to transact business and pay filing costs related thereto.

In work session …

  • The Comprehensive Plan was discussed and Councilmember Joplin requested a Work Session to discuss Comprehensive Plan updates. Councilmember Gilley expressed concerns regarding the methodology of a recent resident survey conducted by staff as part of these potential updates. Director of Planning and Economic Development Melissa Dailey was available to answer questions from Council
  • Discussion of Global Water Fathom utility billing City Manager George Campbell noted that a memo had been sent to the Council regarding this subject, and Finance Director Brady Olsen updated the Council regarding how Global Water Fathom was planning to address ongoing utility billing errors and noted the desire to move towards a more understandable billing format. Councilmember Gilley noted that the Council had authorized staff to enter into negotiations to terminate the contract.
  • Discussion regarding the status of the Charter Study Committee ? Requested by Joplin/Rhodes. Mayor Johnson briefed the Council on the progress of the Committee and announced that they hoped to have final recommendations following their meeting on Wednesday, January 16. City Manager eorge Campbell noted that the deadline to call any election is February 15, and that the Ordinance would need to include the official ballot language. Mayor Johnson noted that a special meeting might be needed.

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