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Monday, November 30, 2020

Story of Bartimaeus

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Our Scripture Sunday, Mark 10: 46-52 , Bartimaeus is a man full of faith in this Gospel. As you read this passage you will find that people try to silence Bartimaeus. However, his persistence reveals his deep faith. {{more: continue …}}
Jesus names faith as the thing impels Bartimaeus to seek Jesus. The story shows us what that faith is. Bartimaeus’s faith is not about reciting the correct confession or believing certain things. His unrelenting faith is the belief that Jesus can and will rescue him from his need.
  1. Through his faith Bartimaeus was able to: Grasps who Jesus is. “Son of David” suggests Jesus’ superiority over Israel’s greatest king. For Bartimaeus, the title indicates that Jesus isGod’s designated agent. Despite his blindness and all its undertones of spiritual ignorance, sees the royal dimensions of Jesus’ identity. He also discerns that Jesus is specially able to show mercy and heal.?
  2. He persists despite hindrances. People in the crowd rebuke Bartimaeus, demanding he be silent. With this demand we are reminded that blind beggars are near the bottom rung of social privilege in ancient and contemporary society. Because he knows of Jesus’ compassion and grace, he yells “even more loudly” until his words penetrate Jesus’ ears.?
  3. He expects a transformation. Jesus tells the crowd to summon Bartimaeus to him. Then Mark adds a delicious detail: Bartimaeus tosses aside his cloak. He expects to regain his sight, for a blind beggar would keep his possessions close at hand. Because of his faith, he expects a change in his status.?
  4. He asks for the right thing. When Jesus asks Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?,” he simply says with confidence, knowing that Jesus can deliver, “That I would see again”. He knows that Jesus can bring the wholeness and deliverance that people seek.?

He doesn’t ask for special privileges. Jesus has not come to bestow power and honor but to open eyes to the new spiritual, social, and material realities made possible when God reigns. James, John and the other disciples are more blind than Bartimaeus because that did not understand what Jesus’ mission was.

Bartimaeus begins the story alongside the road a a beggar. He ends the story as a follower. He follows Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem and his suffering. Bartimaeus is not the first person seeking a miracle who approaches Jesus in faith, but he is the only one who winds up following him, straight into Jerusalem and into his confrontation with the temple-based aristocracy.
Bartimaeus shows us that faith in Jesus remains possible and potent. Bartimaeus, clings to Jesus out of faith born from his urgent needs. This Gospel offers assurance that anyone could have the spiritual insight to perceive the mysterious ways of God in the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.
Faith is manifested and nurtured in us through Jesus Christ. Take courage, get up and follow Jesus!
“I don’t know how, but I know WHO!”
See you on Sunday
Pastor Nelda

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