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TIED – Election Day is over save one

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Lee vs Guerra locked at 388 …?
There were no big surprises in the races at the city and school district save one. City Council Sandra Lee?s challenger, Cesar Guerra, has fought the incumbent to a tie. With the final votes reported late last night, both candidates have received 388 votes. {{more: continue …}}
The next step is a recount and, if the result remain the same, there will be a second election for these two candidates. Yesterday, at the election site in Kennedale, there were paper ballots used by some voters and there is a possibility that between the casting of votes by machine and the use of paper ballots, there may have been a mistake made. At this time, it is unknown when the recount will take place.
In early voting prior to Saturday, Guerra led 254 to 234. Lee apparently made up the difference in same day voting on Saturday.?
The only other incumbent running Saturday was John Clark who secured a 3 year term on the Kennedale ISD Board of Trustees over newcomer Tamiko Sargent, 760 to 481 or 62% of the vote total.
other results guarantee new faces …?
In the only other KISD election and in a crowded field Andrew Biscoe succeeded over the other three candidates, winning with 485 or 41% of the vote total. (Note: a simple majority is all that is required as opposed to an absolute majority which requires more than 50% of the vote).

In the two remaining city council races, Josh Altom won in a fairly close race over Jeff Neverez with 52% of the vote while Chad Wandel won by a large margin over Idin Deijavan, earning 63% of the vote.?

propositions pass easily …?
The three propositions on the ballot for the City of Kennedale passed overwhelming. The passage of the three propositions will have little impact on citizens of Kennedale. The first two updated language in the City Charter while the third required that a greater percentage, in this case 30% of the voters in the last regular election or a minimum number of 500 voters be needed to petition for an initiative, referendum and recall. This last proposition came about after the failed recall of Jan Joplin and Sandra Lee last year. It was thought that the number needed before was too small or to easily obtained.

Results? are considered unofficial until approved by the respective governing bodies, the Kennedale City Council and the Kennedale Board of Trustees.


Final count as posted by Tarrant County with all precinct reporting ?

Kennedale Independent School District:
  • KISD Trustees Place 4?
    • Tamiko Sargent 481
    • John Clark 760?
  • KISD Trustees Place 5?
    • Deborah Harris 293
    • Felicia Moody 352?
    • Damian Patton 53
    • Andrew Biscoe 485?

Kennedale City Council …

  • Kennedale City Council Place 1?
    • Jeff Nevarez 373
    • Josh Alton 401?
  • Kennedale City Council Place 3
    • Cesar Guerra 388
    • Sandra Lee 388?
  • Kennedale City Council Place 5?
    • Chad Wandel 462
    • Idin Deijavan 274
  • Kennedale Proposition A?
    • Yes 586?
    • No 150
  • Kennedale Proposition B?
    • Yes 509?
    • No 189
  • Kennedale Proposition C?
    • Yes 475
    • ?No 273

See full results for Tarrant County @ Tarrant

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