Are you seeking God in the wrong places, and for wrong reasons? Why seek the living amongst the dead?

Read Luke 24:1-12

Looking in to the context of Luke’s Easter story, it is somewhat disturbing. It is a situation of mixed feelings of hopelessness turned to hope, misery to fortune, and sadness to joy.

The question asked can be terrifying and confusing: “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” These women had come from Galilee to the tomb early Sunday morning to anoint the body, according to Jewish tradition. On getting to the tomb, they found the stone rolled away.

Wonder why they set off on a quest without thinking about how they will get to accomplish their mission with the stone blocking the entrance of the tomb. Apparently, this was the least of their concerns. They were overwhelmed with thoughts of accomplishing their mission to anoint the corpse of Jesus. Think about it, where else would they have sought for the corpse, except at the tomb. They were not seeking to see Jesus alive; they came seeking his corpse to anoint.

On the other hand, these women exhibited encouraging acts of love, care, compassion, commitment and persistency after Jesus’ death. Their unwavering support and allegiance to Jesus Christ was no lip talk. They lived it challenging us to do the same.

Thus, Easter teaches two things for us to remember:

  1. We are to remain resilient in our Love, Care, Compassion, Commitment to the Lord Jesus, and be consistent in our walk with Him.
  2. We will face challenges in life but we are not to forget His Words of assurance to us.

God bless you and Happy Resurrection Celebration!

Rev James Adeyeye