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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kennedale High School FIRST Tech Challenge Team Earns Lockheed-Martin Grant!

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The Kennedale Independent School District congratulates the High School FIRST Tech Challenge Team for recently receiving a $750.00 grant from sponsor Lockheed-Martin to use in association with the various science and technology related costs. As a method by which corporate sponsors can help stimulate growth and excitement in science-related fields, the FIRST non-profit organization was created For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology and is hopeful to cultivate a future generation of researchers, analysts and scientists! Congratulations to Simeon Arnspiger, who is part of the team to help administrate the funds and who helps to advise and instruct Algebraic Reasoning, Robotics 1 and 2, and College Prep Math at Kennedale High School. This is one example of many throughout the K.I.S.D. where community partnerships and collaborations are helping to educate our students in a positive, hands-on, and problem-solving manner. Way to go!

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