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Cats on display tonight in fight for district title at Kennedale Wildcat Stadium

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Homecoming is the backdrop for the battle between the unbeaten in district play – the Benbrook Bobcats and the Kennedale Wildcats – Game time 7:30 pm.

In an early finish to the District 6/4A race, winners of the Zone A and Zone B clash tonight to settle on a district champion. This is actually weeks before the regular season ends.

Why the rush to crown district champion early?

Before the season began representatives of each of the schools in the eight-team district met and hashed out a plan that would result in a playoff system within the district. The hope was that the district could have the top two spots settled if the season ended early due to the current pandemic. The recent game cancellation in the area last week and again this week by other districts have supported the district committee’s earlier action.

Tonight, the Kennedale Wildcats (4-0-1, 3-0) play the Benbrook Bobcats 3-3, 3-0) in the title match-up. After this game, teams will finish the regular season playing teams outside of their zone.

Benbrook’s season games and stats …

Benbrook has played 6 games this season, beginning with a loss to 4A China Springs (6-0, 2-0) by 74-35. Benbrook lost a close game to 4A Ferris (3-2, 0-0), 20-17. The Bobcats challenged 4A Wichita Falls Hirschi (4-2, 1-0) before losing 34-28. In district play, the Benbrook rolled through Castleberry 54-14, Western Hills 40-0 and Diamond Hill 48-6.

Benbrook averages 171 yards per game passing and 192 yards on the ground for a total of 71 touchdowns. On defense they average 75 tackles per game and have recorded 8 sacks and 7 interceptions on the season.

Benbrook stat leaders on offense:

  • QB William Green (SR) 60/139 passing, 15 touchdowns (longest 73 yds) with 4 interceptions.
  • #7 RB Dee Kennedy (SO) 81 carries/618 yards (7.6 yd av), 7 touchdowns.
  • #1 RB Draion Williams (JR) 81/618 yds (11.8 av) and 4 TDs.
  • #24 RB Kevin Johnson (JR) 19 carries for 123 yds (24.6 av) and 2 TDS.
  • #11 R Donte Sinegal (JR) 15 receptions for 178 yds, 2 TDs.
  • #10 R Trevonne James (SR) 8 for 152 yards and 2 TDs.
  • #13 R Demetrio Brown (SR) 5 for 162 yards and 4 TDs.

Stat leaders on defense:

  • #42 Harry Gonzales (JR) leads the team with 66 total tackles (11 per game).
  • #52 Samuel Miller (SR) 41 total tackles (8 per gm).
  • #9 Gage Toberry (SO) 40 tackles (6.7 per).
  • #82 Jackson Littlepage (JR) 37 tackles with 10 for loss.
  • #40 Jeremiah Garner (JR) 26 tackles with 6 for loss.
  • #12 Caleb Henley (SR) 4 interceptions.
  • #8 Florian Moke 3 fumble recoveries.

Kennedale will be celebrating homecoming tonight. For ticket information and purchase click here.

Kennedale ISD does follow recommended COVID-19 protocols at all activities.


  • Tickets will be sold on a week-by-week basis
  • Tickets are required for school-age children – kindergarten through 12th grade
  • All ticket sales will be online
    • No cash transactions will be available. 
    • If available, tickets can be purchased on a mobile device by using the QR code at the gate.
  • All spectators MUST wear a face covering and be able to answer “NO” to the COVID screening questions in order to enter.
  • Spectators will be expected to maintain social distancing between other groups or individuals.
  • Games will be live-streamed. 

All KISD venues have a CLEAR BAG POLICY that spectators must follow in order to enter.

By purchasing a ticket to this event:

  • *I agree to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by TEA/UIL before arriving at Wildcat Stadium.
  • *I understand masks or face covering is a requirement during entry, exit, and moving around the stadium as outlined by the Governor’s order and/or KISD Blueprint Safety Plan.
  • *I understand and will adhere to practicing social distancing and sitting six feet (6′) away from other groups.
  • *I understand that Kennedale ISD cannot guarantee that I will not contract the virus, even when implementing screening protocols.
  • *I acknowledge that I am assuming the risk that I may contract the virus by entering KISD facilities, even when screening protocols are implemented.
  • * I acknowledge that failure to follow the required protocols will result in my removal from the venue.
  • * I understand that only CLEAR BAGS will be allowed inside Wildcat Stadium.

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