Resignations and retirements open door for job changes and new hires at the school district this year

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Several long time Kennedale ISD employees decided to retire at the end of the school year in May. That along with the resignations that follow at the end of each school year led to a number of new hires throughout the district and allowed several current employees to change jobs within the district.

New administrative interns …

The school district was able to add five administrative interns thanks to a Texas Education Agency (TEA) Principal Residency Grant for the 2020-21 school year.

The five new assistant principal interns are Gloria Martinez Resendiz (Kennedale High School), Chasmin Jenkins (Kennedale Junior High), Cheryl Chappell Snow (James Arthur Intermediate), Amy Littleton (Delaney Elementary) and Jerrel Hyde (Patterson Elementary).

New Hires 2020-21 …

The following is a list compiled from KISD School Board Minutes beginning in April of last year. It is not an official list of resignations, new hires, and transfers.

Central Office/Administration:

  • Andrea Volding (Director of Instructional Services) replacing Jan Cleere,
  • Jessica Minaya (ESL paraprofessional) replacing Claudia Cruz

Kennedale High School:

  • Kenneth Jowers (Math) replacing Keith Turnas,
  • Christin Lohrs (Math) replacing Tammy Bergere,
  • Robert Williams (Computer Maintenance) replacing Charles Creasy,
  • Kerri Allen (SPED Education) replacing Joey Lucerno who is moving to CTE Health Science replacing Jose Portales,
  • Nikki Smith (ELA&R/Coach) replacing Rhonda Jackson who is moving to PE/Coach replacing Rachel Dixon,
  • Carly Epstein (English Teacher/Interventionist) replacing Amy Barriga,
  • Mary Harrod (Spanish Teacher) replacing Gloria Martinez-Resendiz,
  • Travis Jones (Math Teacher/Coach) replacing Thomas Waszkiewicz,
  • Timothy McDonald (English Teacher/Coach) replacing Rhonda Jackson (KHS PE/Coach),
  • Allison Mantell (Math Intervention Teacher/Coach) replacing Aaron Wingfield (KHS CTE Business Teacher),
  • Ross Mullens (SPED English Teacher) replacing Rachel Parker,
  • Roderick Peterson (SPED English Teacher/Coach) replacing Garrett Hilton,
  • Katelin Shropshire (English Teacher) replacing Danielle Hyde,
  • Melisa Springfield (Math Teacher) replacing Brittany Batzlaff,
  • Patricia Arnold (Spanish teacher) replacing Philip Ledesma,
  • Kylee Martin (Science teacher) replacing Robert Schofield,

Kennedale Junior High:

  • Roger Leijo (Spanish/Coach) replacing Shirley Weber,
  • Kristin Callihan (ELAR Teacher) replacing Christopher Chreene,
  • Angela Dennis (Math Teacher) replacing Chad Nickodam,
  • Gilberto Diaz (Assistant Band Director) replacing Eleanor Macias,
  • Katie Greenwood (Tech Applications) replacing Rachelle Zeller,
  • Beth Hawkins (Academic Behavior Specialist/SPED Teacher) replacing Adrianne Fore,
  • Joshua Hawks (Band Director) replacing Benjamin Brown,
  • Meredith Locke (Art Teacher) replacing Lauren Ball,
  • Michelle Springs (SPED English Teacher) replacing Jennifer Haub (KJHS English Teacher),
  • Joanne Steer-Howard (History Teacher) replacing Katerina Lilly,
  • Tiffany Threlkheld (Math/Coach) replacing Alexzander Willis,
  • Lisa Latimer (CTE teacher) replacing Maria Gross (English teacher),
  • Jennifer McCoy (English teacher) replacing Samantha Chesbrough,
  • Douglas Ream (History teacher) replacing Sarah Osborne (English teacher),
  • Chassidy Seidmeyer (English teacher) new position,
  • Tayla Vaughn (Math teacher/Coach) replacing Christopher Hill (moving to CTE teacher),
  • Daniel Wager (History teacher/Coach) replacing Charles Hammonds (moving to KHS)

James Arthur Intermediate:

  • Kimberly Bareja (5th Grade Teacher) replacing Heather Perkins,
  • Lara Dean (5th Grade Teacher) replacing Cheryl Bagby,
  • Julie Gill (6th Grade Teacher) replacing Melanie McDonald,
  • Mariah Mathews (6th Grade Teacher) replacing Wanda Kaye Patterson,
  • Rosaila Sandoval (PE Aide) replacing Melissa Aguilar moving to Intervention Para-professional,
  • Evelyn Isch (SPED Paraprofessional) replacing Alicia Allen (RFP SPED Paraprofessional),
  • Chelsea Strempl (Math Teacher) replacing Stephanie Plagens,
  • Stacy Bitenc (SPED paraprofessional) replacing Stephanie Hopper

James Delaney Elementary:

  • Vanessa Davila (2nd Grade Teacher) replacing David DeSantiago,
  • Virginia Limer (2nd Grade Teacher) replacing Sarah Ross,
  • Erika Wendt (4th Grade Teacher) replacing Melissa Gerik moving to 3rd Grade,
  • Jonne Varner (1st Grade Teacher) replacing Teasha Houston,
  • Rachelle Applewhite (Intervention paraprofessional) replacing Kathleen McAnnally

Robert F. Patterson Elementary:

  • Alisha Cunningham (Assistant Principal) replacing Robyn Braun,
  • Lisa Horton (3rd Grade) replacing Lyndsay Byrd,
  • Brittany French (1st Grade Teacher) replacing Julie Zuniga,
  • Sonya Pittman (1st Grade Teacher) replacing Dakota Greenfield-Dunn,
  • Jeremy Schneider (1st Grade Teacher) replacing Megan Clements,
  • Tenivia Threet (Kindergarten Teacher) replacing Andrea Tankersly (RFP 2nd Grade Teacher),
  • Krystal Burgess (Library paraprofessional) replacing Brooke Tarrant,
  • Lindsey Judge (Intervention paraprofessional) replacing Genoveva Malone (RFP 2nd grade teacher),
  • Jennifer Owens (SPED paraprofessional) replacing Brenda Burnett

Resignation/Retirement 2019-20 …

Central Office/Administration:

  • Allyson Alexander (Part-time LSSP),
  • Jan Cleere (Director of Instructional Services) joining her husband …
  • Teddy Cleere (Facilities & Maintenance) as both retired this year,
  • Claudia Cruz (ESL Paraprofessional)

Kennedale High School:

  • Garrett Hilton (SPED Teacher/Head LadyKat Basketball),
  • Rachael Parker (SPED Teacher),
  • Amy Barriga (Academic Interventionist),
  • Brittany Batzlaff (Math Teacher),
  • Danielle Hyde (English Teacher/Yearbook),
  • Phillip Ledesma (Spanish Teacher),
  • Thomas Waszkiewicz (Math Teacher/Coach),
  • Emily Combs (Intervention Paraprofessional),
  • Robert Schofield (Science Teacher),
  • Brandon Stumon (History Teacher/Coach),
  • Tammy Bergere (Math Teacher)
  • Marilyn Cadenhead (CTE Teacher) Retiring with 3 years of service in KISD
  • Rachel Dixon (PE Teacher/Coach)
  • Jose Portales (Health Science Teacher)
  • Keith Turnas (Math Teacher)

Kennedale Junior High School:

  • Angela Rachelle Zeller (Tech Apps Teacher),
  • Benjamin Brown (Junior High Band Director),
  • Eleanor Macias (Junior High Assistant Band Director),
  • Christopher Chreene (English Teacher),
  • Maria Gross (English Teacher),
  • Katerina Lilly (History Teacher),
  • Samantha Chesbrough (English Teacher/Coach,
  • Lauren Ball (Art Teacher)
  • Lupe Brister (7th Grade English Teacher/Coach)
  • Brenda Burnett (SPED Paraprofessional)
  • Adrianne Fore (Behavior Interventionist)
  • Chad Nickodam (Math Teacher)
  • Shirley Weber (Spanish Teacher)
  • Aleczander Willis (Math Teacher/Coach)

James Arthur Intermediate School:

  • Melanie McDonald (5th Grade Teacher),
  • Heather Perkins (5th Grade Teacher),
  • Stephanie Plagens (5th Grade ELA/Reading Teacher),
  • Karen Skinner (Reading Interventionist),
  • Wanda Kaye Patterson (6th Grade Teacher) retiring after 12 years in KISD,
  • Cheryl Bagby (5th Grade Teacher)
  • Wanda Kaye Patterson (6th Grade Teacher) Retiring with 12 years of service in KISD

Robert Patterson Elementary:

  • Julie Zungia (1st Grade Teacher),
  • Megan Clements (1st Grade Teacher),
  • Lauren Warn (ISS Paraprofessional),
  • Dakota Greenfield-Dunn (1st Grade Teacher),
  • Brooke Tarrant (Library Paraprofessional),
  • Robyn Braun (Assistant Principal)
  • Lyndsay Byrd (3rd Grade Teacher2
  • Nancy Johnson (2nd Grade Teacher) Retiring with 24 years of service in KISD

James Delaney Elementary:

  • Teasha Houston (1st Grade Teacher),
  • Kathleen McAnnally (Intervention Paraprofessional),
  • Rodney Thompson (ISS Paraprofessional),
  • David DeSantiago (2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher
  • Sara Ross (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Karen White (Kindergarten Teacher)

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