Kennedale High School Students Learn Value and Practical Use of CPR Training

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Knowledge and training in various types of life-saving skills that can and do become quite necessary at times when least expected, are all-too-important in contemporary culture. Fortunately, Kennedale High students and staff are taking the time to learn among the most valuable of such life-saving skills, training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or, CPR. Students enrolled in CTE Health Science Practicum, invested several days recently learning about the various steps of using CPR with Mr. Burke. Identifying a pulse, utilizing certified manikins equipped with monitors for practice demonstrations, and simulations of administering breaths and compressions were all part of the recent class exercises. The Kennedale Independent School District commends Mr. Burke and his CTE Health Science Practicum students for investing the time and effort to learning the valuable, life-saving skills of performing CPR training. Great work to everyone involved!

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