Kennedale ISD has partnered with Hazel Health Services. Hazel is billed as a school-based telehealthcare program that provides quality health access to every student.

This service, which requires a completed application, allows a parent through the school nurse to access a virtual clinic for a sick child while the child is at school and at home during regular weekday hours.

At home Clinic hours are 7 am to 5 pm weekdays.

With the virtual medical clinic, students receive instant access to a network of doctors for speedy diagnoses and care plans, including urgent care for acute issues, health screenings, mental and behavioral health evaluations, over the counters, and prescriptions.

Using Hazel’s app, students can interact with and see a nurse or doctor in a two-way video call from a mobile device at school. This approach reduces costly urgent care visits, keeps students in class–and gives parents peace of mind.

When at home, families can connect with Hazel’s doctors from any device including mobile.

What about insurance and cost?

The program is designed to work with the student’s current family or individual insurance coverage and can work in consultation with existing family physicians.

But regardless of insurance, this service this year is offered as a free service for KISD students.

Check out the KISD website to find out more information. Complete an application here.