Arlington’s Deaver Park Creek Restoration Project To Begin In November

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Press Release City of Arlington October 22, 2020

City Council approved a $931,497 contract with Klutz Construction, LLC of Kennedale to construct Phase 1 of the project.

The City of Arlington will begin the construction of the Kee Branch Tributary 4 Stream Restoration project in November 2020. City Council approved a $931,497 contract with Klutz Construction, LLC of Kennedale to construct Phase 1 of the project, which begins in Deaver Park and extends through the creek to Bradley Lane.

The 2014 Parks and Recreation Bond package included maintenance of the Deaver Park pond. Unfortunately, after years of erosion, the earthen dam was damaged beyond repair after multiple large storms. Rather than rebuilding the dam and reforming the pond, the Parks Department and the Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department teamed up to restore this section of Kee Branch Tributary 4. The improvements will repair a creek habitat that has experienced significant degradation over time. Stabilization efforts will reduce future erosion and allow the stream to flow in a healthier state.

Phase 1 time approximately five months …

The Deaver Park stream restoration was added to an existing project that was intended to restore the downstream section of stream and will be constructed first as Phase 1 of the full project. The stream restoration will utilize natural channel design elements, including in-stream rock structures, recycled tree and woody material, and reinforced matting underneath new vegetation. This phase will take approximately five months to complete.

During construction of Phase 1, the western portion of Deaver Park will be fenced off and closed to the public. The playground, basketball court, ball fields, and concrete trail will remain open.

Phase 2 Improvements were designed with the same natural channel principles to restore the stream between Bradley Lane and Andalusia Trail. The creek will be graded to stabilize steep banks and retaining walls will be constructed in areas where space is limited. Phase 2 construction will begin shortly after the Deaver Park section is completed in 2021 and should last about a year. Residents who will be affected by Phase 2 will be notified prior to construction.

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