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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Kennedale Police Reports: 10/03/21 – 10/09/21

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Number of Total Service Calls for the Week: 554

Miscellaneous Calls: 21

Area/Business Checks: 308
Special Details: 5
Assist Other Agency/Citizens: 12
Residential/Commercial Alarms: 9
Follow-Up Investigations: 11
Animal Control Calls:  21 

Significant Calls of the Week: 

NOTE: The above items are based on police reports. They do not include calls for which no report was written, and some of these offenses — after further investigation — may be deemed unfounded. Therefore, this data should not be viewed as or used to calculate official statistics.

1100 Block- W Kennedale Parkway – Officers were dispatched to a possible disturbance. Officers waited while the complainant obtained the information needed and the individual left the location without incident. 

200 Block- Chateau Avenue – Officers responded to a burglary of a motor vehicle report. Upon arrival, officers observed that a vehicle had been vandalized. Criminal Mischief charges were filed. 

400 Block- Mansfield Cardinal Rd. – Officers responded to a disturbance. The complainant advised they were struck on the head. Officers observed evidence of an assault and a citation was issued.

900 Block- Wildcat Way – Officers received a call regarding narcotics found in a suspect’s backpack. Narcotics were confiscated and charges were filed.

100 Block- N Little School Rd. – Officer responded to a minor motor vehicle accident involving one vehicle. A report was filed.  

500 Block- North Rd. – Officers were dispatched to a disturbance. On arrival, officers spoke with both parties who stated the incident was verbal only. No further police action was required.

100 Block- W Kennedale Parkway – Officers responded to a disturbance. Parties involved advised the altercation was verbal. No offense was observed.

1200 Block- W Kennedale Parkway – Officers were dispatched to a stolen vehicle report. The victim stated a subject entered the vehicle and drove away and provided a description of the suspect, vehicle, and last direction of travel. The victim was able to track the vehicle and was located shortly afterward by FWPD.

1100 Block- W Kennedale Parkway – Officers were dispatched to the location regarding a possible intoxicated person. Officers spoke with the individual who stated that they were sleep-deprived, not intoxicated. Upon further investigation, officers released the individual. 

6700 Block- Oak Crest Dr. E – Complainant advised of a disagreement with a former employee. The complainant advised that the employee made threatening remarks and feared that the suspect would return and vandalize the property. Officers placed the business on close patrol.

4000 Block- Danny Dr. – Officers responded to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the complainant advised of a verbal altercation regarding a civil matter. No further police assistance was needed.

500 Block- North Rd. – Officers were dispatched to a welfare concern. Officers completed referrals to the appropriate contacts per the complainant’s request.

4300 Block- S Eden Rd. – Complainant reported a theft of the engine from a vehicle. The complainant did not want to file charges. 

1100 Block- W Kennedale Parkway – Officers responded to a welfare concern. The complainant advised of a subject too close to roadway. Officers made contact and checked on the welfare of the subject. No offense. 

5600 Block- E Interstate Highway 20 – Officers initiated a traffic stop and dispatch advised of warrants attached to vehicle. One individual was arrested for narcotics and transported to Mansfield jail.

300 Block- Arthur Dr. – Officers responded to a hit and run accident. The complainant was transported to the hospital by medics for injuries. During the investigation, officers were advised by dispatch that the vehicle was stolen. The vehicle was confirmed stolen and seized by officers. Officers then met with the other party involved in accident and determined their actions did not meet elements of a Hit and Run.

300 Block- Sublett Rd. – Officers responded to a motor vehicle accident involving two vehicles. No injuries were reported.

6300 Block- Treepoint Dr. – Officers responded to a motor vehicle accident. Injuries reported.

400 Block- Municipal Dr. – Officers met with complainant regarding found property. Owner of property could not be located. The property was taken for safekeeping. 

700 Woodland Ct. – Officers responded to a possible domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, subjects involved confirmed the altercation was physical. Officers arrested one of the subjects who was transported to Mansfield jail without incident.

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