Life can be good again!

Rev James Adeyeye is husband to Abosede Eunice and is founding pastor of Revival Worship Center in Kennedale, TX.
Rev James Adeyeye

Job 7:7 (NKJV)

Oh, remember that my life [is] a breath! My eye will never again see good.


Growing up and at about my teen-age years, a second cousin of my dad came to live with us. He was not religious though he was a Muslim but accepted Christ into his life before he died. It became clear to me that my mom had given him a condition to stay. She will not allow a non-Christian to live with her and practice any other religion other than the one she believes in. Being close to him, I was able to know some of his personal struggles. I partook in some of his bad acts as well. His carefree attitude and actions validated my insurgent actions growing up. He would however caution me about and encourage what was good. I was somewhat confused. Why would you do what you tell me is not good for me? Why is it good for you and not for me? I drank, smoked and womanized. That was a segment of my story and struggles. However, this close association with my cousin thought me some life lessons that better equipped me to be street-smart.

He shared some of his hurts, and disappointments with me. He repeatedly told me that he trusted no one in life and struggled with trusting anyone but acknowledged how mesmerized he was that he could trust me to share some of his personal issues with me. He said he loved my dad (his uncle) but would not trust him to share these things with him. I asked why, and he responded that because he was convinced that he would share them with my mom. Interestingly, he would not trust God with all of his life either. He believed God has His part and he has his own part to do. However, I saw some of these things changed before my departure for US. He was so close that I entrusted my wife to his care to keep and protect her. He lived in same flat and next room to ours.

Why am I sharing his story? Because he was a great influence, and was a partner in crime. ūü§©

Besides, he struggled in many areas of life but he was a good man with a good heart. This does not mean he liked everyone because he did not. ūüėĀ

I said all these to help you understand how close and weighty his counsels were to me. However, what I have not told you is the connection to today‚Äôs scriptural text. He happened to have shared with me that there are certain portions of the Bible we are not to read, and Job 6 & 7 were part of such because it was believed that only a mad (insane) person will curse himself/herself. He was not the only one who believed that. My mom would shut you up if she hears you read it. I was no longer surprised when a revivalist at my local church confessed that he did not like to read it either.  I understand that this portion is not what many like to read but it tells a lot about the story of Job and what he went through.

Permit me to ask, what part of your life’s story are you trying to hide and not tell? Are you really all that you make people believe you are? Who are you? What made you who you are? Are you a diamond or gold covered in the dirt of the earth? Are you a treasure cleansed, refined and manifesting the best in you?

The story of Job is a unique experience for those who have gone through similar experiences, and can relate to his statement. The situation got so bad that you wish you were dead especially when all you have worked for and lived for are gone.

In the Bible are varying experiences ranging from falls and defeats to lifting up and victory; from losses to recovery; bondages and captivities to deliverance and freedom. The Bible is full of stories and circumstances that we like them share in common. Remember the likes of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4: 9, 10); the Widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17); Elijah (1 Kings 19: 1-18) etc.

However, Job‚Äôs story ended well. He got back more than he lost. God restored to him good health, material possessions, wives and children. Life was good again for Job. His end was better and greater. He had thought he would never see good again but what he did not know was that God had what was better than good for him. His story changed for better, and I believe God that my story and your story will change for better in Jesus name. AmenūüôŹ

Life was good again for Jabez because God heard his prayer and granted his request. God can, and will make life to be good again for you. Life was good again for the widow of Zarephath and her son. God sent Elijah to them and their story changed for better. However, not without challenges but God took care of each of the challenges in the end. God shall be glorified in your situations as well. AmenūüôŹ

God can restore the good life we once had, and make it better. He can restore this world to a better place. God restores lives, marriages, families, relationships etc. There is nothing created that God cannot restore. Give God a chance in your life to restore His peace, joy, life back to you by believing in His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to give us life more abundantly (John 10:10). We recover the life once lost by faith in Jesus Christ. Remember that each time God restores, He does so to a much better state than the former. Your life can be good again. Yes, life can be good again, and it can be better. There is hope for you. ūüôŹ

God bless you ūüôŹ

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