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I am Sean Glovier and Kennedale is my home. I went through Kennedale ISD for all 13 years of school and graduated from KHS in 2004. I went to college at Texas Lutheran University and finished in December of 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts.  I substituted for KISD for two years before I left the country in 2010 and went to Thailand in Southeast Asia to teach English as a Second Language.  I moved back in 2016 with my wife and children, and for several years I was in general staffing and then later physician recruitment.  These days, I’m a teacher at Sam Houston High School in Arlington ISD.

I believe that teachers belong in all places where educational decisions are being made.  I know what our teachers are feeling because I experience it every day in my classroom.  There is much uncertainty and nationwide we have seen leadership fail us.  The reason is simple:  There is no playbook for these unprecedented times.  With that being said, teachers have been troubleshooting these hybrid and virtual models for over a year now.  We know what works and we know what does not work.  As KISD looks to the future, we need “A Clear Path Forward.” 

My three tenets for A Clear Path Forward are simple.  They require us to A.C.T.:

Academic Excellence

For more detail about these tenants please go to my Facebook page (@GlovierforKISD).  I will be clarifying these objectives there.  When you go to the polls in May, remember that now more than ever we need A Clear Path Forward.

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