Kennedale begins transfer of water utilities billing to Arlington

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City ends contract with MuniBilling …

Published by the City of Kennedale

Did you hear? Beginning this month, Arlington Water Utilities will be the customer care and billing service provider for City of Kennedale customers. With the transition nearing completion, MuniBilling will no longer be processing your utility payments.

Make sure to check your next utility bill for a brochure outlining the new payment options and account features.

But what if I just sent a payment to MuniBilling? It will be forwarded on your behalf.

My due date is soon! When will Arlington start accepting payments? The transition to Arlington will take a week or two, but no cut-offs or late fees will be assessed during this transition.

Does this mean we’ll be purchasing water from Arlington now too? Not yet, but we’re working on it!

Anything else I should know?

☑️ Look for your NEW account number on this month’s bill.

☑️ Please always check the most recent invoice you’ve received to ensure that you are sending payments to the current address, but rest assured that, if a payment is sent to MuniBilling following this transition to Arlington, it will be forwarded on your behalf.

☑️ Your utility rates ( are not changing at this time.

☑️ If you have questions at any time throughout this process, please call 817-985-2120.

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