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Nicodemus by Dennis Donald

I always felt quite confident, ’till Jesus came along, That we, the Pharisees, were right, and all the rest were wrong.
But Jesus, though a rabbi, has a disconcerting gift For showing the familiar with an unfamiliar drift.
At first I was quite certain, as I heard what Jesus said, Unravelling the Torah, that he turned it on its head.
Yet every time, some slant of truth that we had buried, grew Alive and relevant — emerged as though being born anew.
I went to him for guidance, could no longer stand the strain. “It isn’t just the teaching, Nic, you must be born again!”

Tune in Sunday to our live-stream Worship Service as we learn more about “Nic at Night” and just what Jesus meant when he said “Born Again.”

“I don’t know how, but I know WHO! Peace, Pastor Nelda

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