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This Weeks Notes ~ 5-9-2021

Yesterday, May 6th, was the 70th Anniversary of “The National Day of Prayer”. But as Christians we know that prayer must be constant and one day is certainly not enough. God calls us as Christians to pray without ceasing. We should prayer in the morning, at noon day and in the midnight hour. So I’m asking that we extend yesterdays observance to this day and every day.

We know that faith is a big part of American culture. We are a diverse nation filled with many people from various ethnicities with a variety of beliefs. But we Americans are no stranger to faith.This year’s theme is “Lord, pour out your love, life, and liberty.”

In Acts 12, we find the church using the two most powerful weapons most weapons of the church. In Acts 12, King Herod is persecuting the church. He had James arrested and killed. Then he has Peter arrested and thrown in jail. How does the church employ the 2 most important secret weapons. Is it protest or boycott? No. There’s a purpose and a place for those things on occasion. Is the secret weapon to register to vote? No. But every Christian should vote. The two weapons the church employs are our Prayer and Proclamation.

Constant prayer by members of the church is necessary. Jesus said ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open unto you. So we have to keep asking, keep knocking, and keep seeking. Constant prayer offered to God by the church has to be unified prayer. That’s where our power lies. This day called Christian people to pray together. But Jesus said where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them. There is power in prayer and prayer does change things. Now the story began with Herod on the throne, James dead and Peter arrested and thrown in prison. But the story ended with Herod dead and Peter freed because the church prayed, they called on the Lord and the Lord sent an angel to deliver Peter. And Peter went on to preach.

I believe in the power of prayer personally. I have many examples of God hearing my call and answering my prayers. but when my parents died within four months of each other I felt so lost. But I prayed to God and felt God’s presence surrounding me with his loving care and mercy. I called on the landlord and he heard my cry. God gave me comfort, strength and hope.

Let’s call on the Lord right now. Let’s pray for our country because we need the Lord. We love this country and we need a spiritual awakening. We need God in America so badly. Let us pray:

Dear Lord, we pray for these United States of America. You have raised up this nation. George Washington said, anyone who thinks this country came about without divine Providence doesn’t understand what happened. You brought this nation to exist and brought us to be a light to the world. We’re not a perfect nation, we’re not a flawless nation, but we are a nation who is loved by You. We are a nation in need of spiritual awakening. We are nation in the need of healing we are reminded what you say in Chronicles 7: 14 “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Lord, you will heal our land. But it begins with us. It starts with your people praying, morning noon and night. Exactly what the Christians did in the very first century. Peter was in prison and the church prayed and we are praying. Let the revival began in our hearts. Let repentance start with each of us individually because we need to turn from our wicked ways. If we do that you promised that you will forgive us and hear us and you’ll heal our nation. This is our prayer Lord, for you tell us in scripture that righteousness exalts the nation but sin is a reproach to the people . Lord we commit this nation to you, we commit our church to you and we commit ourselves to you . in the name of the Risen Christ, Amen

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Peace and Love, Pastor Nelda

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